Monday, 9 September 2013

Resources To Start Off Your Week 77

     Week two is underway and I wanted to share some of the neat resources I've been sitting on for a while. With school on now it seems like I haven't posted a resources post in FOREVER but in actuality I only missed one week because last week I posted my classroom reveal. If time flies by like it is, it will be June before I know it (scary thought)! As always, I will be adding these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading.

1 ) 4Mula Fun Math Blog
- This is a new blog that I found this summer through Pinterest. This
  year I am teaching Grade 8, Grade 9, and Grade 10 math and I
  really need some inspiration and examples.
- Jennifer posts some awesome lesson plans, activity suggestions, and
  helpful tutorials! Some of my favourites that I've actually used this
  year already are "Math About Me" and "Interactive Math
- This blog is a great resource if you are teaching math!

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2 ) Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms
- This interactive dictionary not only includes textual explanations
  of terms, audio definitions, illustrations, 3D animations, and quizzes
  to test your understanding.
- This is a great resource for a biology and upper-years science
  classes. I love that it meets the needs of all different types of

3 ) Travel Videos
- This website features thousands of videos that help you, "travel the world
   with videos." There are featured videos, documentaries, and user-uploaded
- Users can search the videos by town/city name, or by countries. This
  website could be used for students who are working on geography
  projects, interested in learning more about an area, or need something
  to use as a writing prompt!
*Teachers may want to pre-screen videos before using them in class, as they
  can be uploaded by anyone and may not always be school appropriate!

Happy Monday everyone!

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