Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I Promise...

     Students, tomorrow is not only your first day back to school but it is also my first day as a full-time teacher. I've spent hours over the summer accumulating resources, preparing lessons, differentiating plans, and attending PD... I've organized our classroom and tried to put my personal flare into the room while leaving space for you to make it your own... I've attending our back-to-school meetings and checked (and double-checked) to make sure I have everything ready for our first days together.

     As we enter this new, exciting, overwhelming, awesome experience, here is what I promise you:

- I promise to welcome you into my room each day with a fresh slate
- I promise to provide a safe environment where you can explore your
  interests and feel free to take risks with your learning
- I promise to always have your best interests in mind
- I promise to always take the time to listen to what you are telling me
  (verbally, through your work, through your behavior, etc)
- I promise to learn just as much as you every day
- I promise that I will make mistakes
- I promise that I will own up to those mistakes and learn from them
- I promise to allow you to learn in the manner that best suits your needs
- I promise to attempt to create lessons that are relevant and meaningful to
  your lives
- I promise to not let myself get bogged down with all of the requirements &
  other duties that teachers can be involved with

     I promise a lot of things... but most of all, I promise to never forget why I want to be a teacher... because of all of you.


  1. Kirsten, this is perhaps your best post! Beautiful, you make me proud!

    1. Thank you very much Mr. Nantais! It is a good thing that I had such good mentors when I was preparing for this day :)

  2. Congratulations, Kirsten!
    What a wonderful way to start your new year, and your new career! Lucky kids, lucky's an amazing profession and every year you will have the real delight of meeting a brand new group to help you start learning all over again. Good wishes every day, and always.

    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate your kinds words and support :)


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