Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What To Order/Create/Find?

     Even though I don't have my confirmed teaching schedule quite yet (I should have it within a few weeks) I can't help but begin to plan out my classroom for the fall. So even though I can't really begin planning curriculum aspects, I've started planning some of the organizational aspects for my classroom. Right now, the teachers at "S-School" have started making their orders for next year's classes and I've been fortunate enough to be included in the ordering! Here are some of the pictures that have been inspiring me so far.
classroom supply organization, classroom supplies
Classroom Supply Organization. Pinterest. http://media-cache-ec3.pinimg.com/originals/71/dc/3a/71dc3acb6d29f17eb4e6ed91896a0e7d.jpg
Lets face it, more often than not students do not have all of their supplies with them. I would love to have a organization system like the one in the picture that holds every-day school supplies like pencils, pens, scissors, glue, markers and loose-leaf. 
It is my hopes that an organization station like this would prevent me from having students wandering back-and-forth to their lockers in order to track down supplies.

Organizing Bulletin Board Letters. Teaching Blog Addict. http://www.teachingblogaddict.com/2012/06/organizing-bulletin-board-letters.html
I can't wait to go through the catalogues to purchase various bulletin board frames, letters, and supplementary posters. The room that I am going to be in has one full wall of bulletin boards and I can't wait to have them organized for my specific classes.
Using a CD case has the be one of the BEST ideas I've ever heard of for organizing bulletin board letters.

No Name Board. 3rd Grade Thoughts. http://www.3rdgradethoughts.com/2012/07/monday-made-it-no-name-clip-board.html#.UBnt0qBdQT0
Even during my short time student teaching, I found that I often had one or two assignments without names EVERY time I took something in for assessment. I LOVE this cute display where work can be stuck quickly and, if a student doesn't get something back, they know to check the "No Name" board! 

I know that I will have at least five classes in my schedule so a homework board like this could be a great way to organize homework expectations. I love having a consistent space to document homework expectations while maintaining a clear classroom theme.

Science World. http://www.scienceworld.ca/ads
I already know that I am going to have some Science classes (probably Grade 7 & 8 science) and I would love to have some posters or displays in my room that can catch student's attention and lead to some great inquiry projects. Science World has some amazing ads that they use for their attractions that would be my inspiration for this. Just Google "Science World Ads" to see some of the awesome options out there!

The Scientific Method. The Science Life. http://thesciencelife.blogspot.ca/2012/07/bulletin-boards-galore.html
I LOVE this bulletin board by Emily at The Science Life! If I am going to have more than one Science class I would love to turn one of my bulletin boards into something like this.

Coolest Social Studies Classroom. Joe Baron Design. http://joebarondesign.blogspot.ca/2011/04/coolest-social-studies-classroom-by.html
I can't imagine how awesome it would be to have such an artistic classroom. I know that eventually I am going to have some Social Studies classes (whether that is this year or in the future) and think the idea of a full-wall map is so neat! This classroom, painted by Higher Level Art, is in Kentucky and has definitely become an inspiration for me. 
How neat would it be to have student artists involved in a project like this (either in a classroom or school hallway). 
seven teachings carpet
Seven Teachings Kids Carpet. Native Reflections. http://nativereflections.com/products.php?view=4343&np=1
I would love to have this carpet in my classroom! I'd like to have a corner of my room set up as a quiet work space for students to work independently or in small groups and I would like a carpet like this to be a part of that setup. Not only does it contribute to the physical setup of the room but it highlights the Traditional Seven Teachings which I try to incorporate into all of my classes, regardless of subject-area.

As I am getting organized I turned to my Twitter PLN to ask their opinion on ordering classroom supplies to see what experienced teachers wished for. Here are some of the responses I received.

What are you ordering, finding, creating for your classroom?

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