Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Let The Prepping Begin!

     Last week I shared some of the awesome resources that I had found for one of the classes I was prepping for: Grade 7 Science. As of last week, this was the only class that I had started my prep work for as I was still waiting for my final teaching schedule to be solidified. Well the wait is now over, as I picked up my official schedule yesterday after school!
prepping for the classroom
Just a few of the many resources I have available to start prepping! 
     I am happy to announce that I will be the Grade 8 homeroom teacher at "S-School"! Altogether I have six classes ranging from Grade 7 to Grade 10! Here is a peak at what my schedule looks like:

teaching schedule

     This week I have been fortunate enough to sit down with the current teacher and go over teaching resources, discuss instructional strategies, share classroom materials and even order classroom supplies! (Thanks so much "Ms. K"!!) I was also able to order school clothing for next year including "S-School" t-shirts and hoodies. It is so exciting to finally be able to order clothing with staff embroidered on the sleeve! I can't wait to really dive into my planning now that I know exactly what my schedule looks like. As I always do, I will be sharing my progress along the way and providing you with links and info on the neat things I find  :)


  1. Have you seen this youtube channel:
    And do not that AnaCprats, tweets a lot of various educational stuff.
    Some is science:
    And do Not forget to go look at the CBC and TV Ontario websites!

    1. Sweedie, I have found this YouTube channel actually, there is some awesome resources on it! Thank you for reminding me about it and helping out :)

  2. Does your school provide you with curriculum for all your assigned grade levels and content areas? Or do you have invent your lessons for each class?

    1. Hi Mrs. M! We have provincial curriculum that lists what educational outcomes our students need to know by the end of the year (by grade and subject area). We must follow that, but teachers have professional freedom to make their own lessons to determine how to get students to that point.


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