Monday, 27 May 2013

Roller Coaster Week Update

     At the start of the month I posted about what a crazy week I was having due to coming down with a major stomach bug, going through my first teaching interview, crashing my car during a May snowstorm, and being offered my first teaching position! If you missed the craziness, you can see my post here.

Well what seems like an incredibly short amount of time later, I am happy to announce that the excitement is still running high! This weekend my fiance and I purchased our first vehicle together, a 2004 Buick Rendezvous! Since my accident we have been arranging carpooling options and sharing our one truck between the two of us. On most days this worked out fine, as we were both substitute teaching at "S-School", but it was a big pain on the days where we had to drive in opposite directions to substitute teach. I love our new "grown up" vehicle and am so happy that we now both have a reliable vehicle for our Manitoba winters.

On Thursday, my fiance was called by the superintendent of "T-Division" (the same division that I just got hired by) and was asked to come in this morning for an interview! We were both also scheduled to substitute teach at "S-School" so he made accommodations for his morning classes, dropped me off first, and headed another 20 minutes south for his interview. He officially interviewed for a High School Phys-Ed position (with additional classes to be determined) at "M-School" which is a 20 minute drive from "S-School".

He must have blown them out of the water because he was offered the position on the spot and officially accepted it this afternoon!! He will be teaching the High School Phys-Ed classes, one class of Grade 5 English, and one class of High School math. We are so excited to both be working in "T-Division" together and he can even drive me to work each morning :) While it still needs to be determined, we are hoping that his math class is either Grade 9 or Grade 10 so we can prep together as I am teaching both of those classes at "S-School". I am so proud and excited of him as his background is in Phys-Ed and he always looked forward to having his own gym to coach in.

     This is a very exciting time for us and I can't wait for the upcoming year. Our official university graduation is this Friday and I can't wait to touch base with my peers and professors and see how everyone else is making out with their new classrooms and/or job search.

     Good luck to all the teachers out there who are undertaking their job search right now, my fingers are crossed for you!


  1. That is very great news, Kirsten! For both of you to get jobs in the same division & near your home, what a great way to start. All the best!

    1. Thank you so much for your support and kind words Mr. Nantais! We couldn't be happier to both be offered such great jobs our first year (and right close to home as well). See you tomorrow for grad!


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