Monday, 6 May 2013

Resources To Start Off Your Week 62

     Today is my first Resources To Start Off Your Week post as an official teacher! Ok, well I don't officially start until the fall but I am still very excited so I think it still counts :) This week I've found three general resources that can be used for a variety of subjects and topics. As always, I will be adding these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading.

1 ) How To Create An Awesome Infographic
- Infographics are sprouting up everywhere online and they can be a
  great addition to any lesson. With infographics on pretty much
  anything, it can be easy to add in these informational visuals as a way
  to meet the needs of your visual learners.
- This website has a created a great infographic on how to create
  infographics. I've had my students create their own infographics once
  but never sat down and formally went through anything like this. I am
  definitely saving this to use in my classroom next year!
* To read more about how infographics can be used in the classroom,
  check out my post: Infographics in the Classroom

infographic, infographics, how to create infographics, infographic instructions

2 ) CBC Digital Archives
- The CBC archives houses film clips, audio tracks and images that have
  been featured in CBC over the years. These digital archives can be
  easily accessed and allow a great "window to the past".
- This website is great for any Social Studies class and is perfect for
  revisiting newscasts about historical events, but these resources can
  also be used in any classroom as they cover a wide variety of topics.
- There is also a great "For Teachers" section that features lesson plans,
  support documents and activity suggestions.

CBC archives

3 ) Sound Gator
- Have you ever had your students work on a video project and had them
  wandering around the school trying to recreate sound effects for their
  project? Sound Gator is an online collection of free sound effects that can
  be easily downloaded and inserted into various projects.
- Organized by genres like "Sports Sounds" and "Human Sounds", audio
  clips can be easily searched and downloaded as MP3 files. Perfect for
  any digital storytelling and/or video project!

sound gator, soundgator, sound effects,

Happy Monday everyone!

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