Friday, 12 April 2013

"T-Division" Think Day

     Today "T-Division" organized an extracurricular event involving the Grade 7-12 students from most of the schools in our division. When we arrived at school this morning we loaded buses, by grade level, and traveled an hour to attend Think Day at "A-School". Inspired by the incredibly popular, We Day, this event was all about inspiring the youth in our school division to get involved in positive projects and make a change (either personally, locally, or globally).

     We started off our day by welcoming the group, Live Different, who shared personal stories of situations they have overcome as well as introduced their project, Hero Holidays. They were accompanied by the band, Mosely, which played some great sets in-between the different talks. Here are three videos from the Live Different YouTube Channel that I think really demonstrate the ideas we got from the live presentation:

     In addition to the presentation by Live Different, we were also treated to musical performances by the "A-School" garage band group. It was nice to see our division's own students be part of this great event and I was very impressed with their performance. Here are some of my pics from the entire day:

Mosely putting on a great show for the students
Live different, mosely
Panoramic shot of the gym
live different, mosely
"A-School" garage band's performance
     I want to send out a big thanks to Live Different, Mosely and "A-School's" garage band, as well as everyone who put in their time to organize this event for the students. I would also like to thank all of our students who helped clean up the chairs and tidy up any garbage before we headed back to "S-School".

If you are interested in learning more about what we saw at Think Day, here are some links:

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