Monday, 22 April 2013

Resources To Start Off Your Week 61

     Happy Monday everyone! Does it look like Spring yet where you are? Here in Manitoba, Mondays are getting pretty depressing as we are starting ANOTHER week with snow :( I have about a ten-by-ten patch in my yard where it has melted but in most areas we still have well over a foot of snow still. Here's hoping that spring catches up soon! The good news is that we still have awesome ed resources to make us smile :) As always, I will be adding these to my list of resources under the Fav Websites heading.

Good Video Sources for ________
- I love to include video clips when I'm teaching. It is a great
  way to differentiate your instructional method and can be really
  engaging for our students who have essentially grown up around
  a television screen.
- Richard Byrne at, Free Technology for Teachers, has been posting
  an awesome series of great video sources by subject area. Each post
  is subject specific and features about ten online resources to check
  out to find educational videos to include in the classroom. The great
  part is that, in the comments section of the post, visitors have also
  been sharing their favourite video sources too!
* If you want to learn more about using video in the classroom,
  check out my previous article, More Than Just Bill Nye... Using
  Video in the Classroom
- Social Studies Video Sources
- Science Video Sources
- Math Video Sources
Happy Monday everyone!

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