Monday, 15 April 2013

Resources To Start Off Your Week 60

     I was going through my email account this weekend and found some emails with resources from over two years ago that I had saved for future reference! I guess it pays to go back and double check through your online files haha. This week I have three different resources that could be a great addition to a Social Studies or English classroom. As always, I will be adding these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading at the top of the page.

1 ) Top Documentary Films
- Top Documentary Films has compiled over 1000 documentaries,
  organized them by topic/genre and provided current links to where
  they can be viewed online.
- This can be a great website for finding documentaries that can be
  viewed in your classroom or, if you can't watch online, it can serve
  as a search list that you can use to find hard-copy version.
- I really like this site because I love the discussions that can come out
  of watching thought-provoking documentaries but am not always sure
  what documentaries are out there. It also features a lot of older films
  that are now public domain!

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2 ) The Story of Stuff Project
- The "Story of Stuff" is an awesome animated short feature about the
  amount of trash that is created in the world and touches on a lot of
  environmental and consumerism themes.
- This accompanying website features a blog, other movies by the author,
  podcasts, classroom resources, and various downloads. The videos and
  podcasts can easily be used to incorportate a "flipped classroom" lesson
  and the resources and blog has a lot of great project ideas to build on the
  themes brought up in the video.
*The "Story of Stuff" video can be found on YouTube, I've embedded it

3 ) Resources For History Teachers Wiki
- This wiki, created by education students at the University of Massachusetts,
  features hundreds of great resources for social studies teachers! Resources
  are organized by grade level and topic area and are specifically organized
  by specific learning outcomes. Each outcome features textual information,
  video clips, maps, images and/or sound clips that can utilized in the classroom.
- These resources align with the Massachusetts, United States curriculum but can
  be utilized to fit the needs of any classroom. I can't imagine how useful this would
  be if I was actually in Massachusetts; all of the work is done for you!
* Thank you University of Masachusetts!

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Happy Monday everyone!

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