Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Whole Brain Teaching Wednesday! WBT Certification Program

     Want to be certified as an official Whole Brain Teaching Certified Instructor? Then the Whole Brain Teaching Certification program is for you!

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     Unfortunately, I haven't really been on the ball with this program quite yet, although I've been enviously watching everyone else post about it regularly this summer. For some reason my computer or internet connection would not format either the live web casts by Mr. Biffle or the WBT Certification PDF so I was left with minimal information. 

    But that is all in the past now because the wonderful Director of WBT Certification, Nancy Stoltenberg, has set me up with all the info I need. So if you are like me and still just figuring it all out, here is what you need to know:  

     The Whole Brain Teaching Certification program is FREE, available online, allows you to work at your own pace, and has no set time lines. In other words, it can be the PERFECT summer project that we can work on while we prep for our new classrooms and take summer vacations!

     This is how WBT Certification is described by Chris Biffle and Nancy Stoltenberg:

"Whole Brain Teaching certification is available at a variety of competency levels from Novice to International Presenter... A certified WBT educator has demonstrated the ability to effectively use core classroom management strategies and instructional materials available at Letters of recommendation and awards that accompany WBT Certification can be used as significant supplements to an educator's professional resume."

Level 1:
- WBT Novice:
- 100 Certification Points
Level 2:
- WBT Advanced Novice:
- 200 Certification Points
Level 3:
- WBT Intermediate:
- 300 Certification Points
Level 4:
- WBT Advanced Intermediate:
- 500 Certification Points + score 90% on online certification test
- The next level is the biggie!

Level 5:

- WBT Board Certified Instructor:
- 700 Certification Points + Exemplary Video + Oral Exam
Level 6:
WBT Board Certified Trainer:
- 1000 Certification Points + Special Assignments
Level 7:
WBT Board Certified District Presenter:
- 1500 Certification Points + Special Assignments
Level 8:
WBT Board Certified Regional Presenter:
- 2000 Certification Points + Special Assignments
Level 9:
WBT Board Certified National Presenter:
- 3000 Certification Points + Special Assignments
Level 10:
- WBT Board Certified International Presenter:
- 5000 Certification Points + Special Assignments

For more information on Whole Brain Teaching and the Whole Brain Teaching Certification program check out the Whole Brain Teaching website or get in touch with Nancy Stoltenberg, the Director of WBT Certification.
I can't wait to get started!!

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