Monday, 18 June 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 22

     For some of you out there this may be your LAST Monday of the school year! If so, I am sending best wishes to you as your wrap up your school year. I know that some of you have been on summer break for a while already, while some more of you (I'm thinking of some of my Aussie friends) just started classes a while back.Well no matter where you are in your school year, this website should be a great resource for all of us!
     As always, I will be adding this to my Fav Websites page :)

PBLU: Making Projects Click
- This new online social network for teachers is fully centered on Project Based
   Learning. Although it has yet to officially launch (it says on the website
   Summer 2012) it should be a great resource for all of us to connect with other
   teachers, share project ideas and network to create collaborative projects for
   our students!
- PBLU is offering FREE two-week long online courses for those of us who are
   interested in taking part in some professional development this summer. The
   classes listed on the website include how to launch a project, how to create a
   project calendar, how to manage a project, how to grade a project, how to
   showcase student work and how to get PBL teacher certification.

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Happy Monday everyone!


  1. This looks like an excellent opportunity! Thank you for sharing. Carolyn

    1. No problem Carolyn! I am very excited about it, I can't wait for it to officially launch :)


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