Monday, 4 June 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 20: Science

     Without meaning too, I have seemingly bookmarked more science resources this week than normal. My solution? A themed Resources To Start Off Your Week post!! Here are four great science resources you can add to your collection.  As always, I will be adding these to my Fav Websites page.

1 ) The History of Vaccines
- This comprehensive website, organized by The College of
   Physicians of Philadelphia is the place to go if for information
   on vaccines. This website includes timelines, interactive games
   and activities, articles with comprehension guides and a gallery
   of images.
- This website can be an amazing addition to a science classroom
   if you are teaching about different body systems or the chemistry
   behind the vaccines. It could also be interesting in a social studies
   classroom if you are learning about different epidemics in history
   or in a world issues class discussing how medical resources affect
   different societies.
- What I liked was the game "Illsville" where students can control a
   city, watch how illness affects society, determine the importance
   of vaccines, determine how to allocate resources and help protect
   the population.

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2 ) Cell Craft
- This interactive game allows students to learn about cells as they
   are playing a game! It is a little difficult to get the hang of at the
   start but once you get into it the game offers A LOT of information.
- This game would be perfect for review or after a preliminary lesson
   has been taught because students do require some background information
   on the structure of cells before they can begin the game.
- The vocabulary is quite advanced so I would suggest it for a high
   school class as opposed to early years.

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3 ) NASA PlanetQuest
- Teaching about our solar system?? How about the planets outside
  our solar system?! NASA's new website shares it's search for other
  planets through interactive games, images, videos and articles.
- Students can learn about the math and science behind the discovery of
  planets, the history of our knowledge about space and life outside of
  earth. Some of the fun interactives includes creating your own planet,
  searching space in 3D images and discovering organisms that have been
  found on other planets!

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4 ) BioLogica
- This is not just a website about biology, it is an interactive lab that
   your students can work through! As students begin they are asked to
   answer questions including their reasoning behind their answers. This online
   lab can suggest additional resources to further learning and creates online
   profiles of student progress for teachers to monitor!
- This could be a great resource for a flipped classroom.

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Happy Monday everyone!!


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