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Whole Brain Teaching Wednesday! WBT Blogs Part 2

         I had full intentions of writing this post yesterday as I had the evening off of work, but thanks to a wonderful thunder storm our power went off for the evening right after supper! So even though it is one day late, here is this week's Whole Brain Teaching Wednesday... Thursday post :)

     After the success of my post about Whole Brain Teaching blogs I received a ton of emails about other great WBT blogs that should be added to the list! Thats one of the GREAT things about WBT, the support from other teachers is incredible!! So without further adieu, here are some new additions to the list:

** The information I provide about each blog has been taken from Blogger profiles and blog posts so if anything is incorrect please let me know ASAP so I can correct it :)

Collecting Apples
- Christine is currently teaching 5th Grade in Michigan, United States.
  She has been using Whole Brain Teaching in her classrooms for
  almost four years and has found that WBT has made her and her
  students much happier!

Data Junkie Goes Whole Brain
- Corinne is a 5th Grade teacher from Arizona, United States. WBT
  was actually introduced to her by administration during her first  year
  of teaching (yay!) and posts really insightful posts that make you think.

Down Under Teacher
- Kylie is a 2nd Grade teacher from Queensland, Australia! She just
  found Whole Brain Teaching this year and although she was
  apprehensive at the start she has loved how effective the strategies
  have been.

Fun in Room 4B
- Elizabeth is a 4th Grade teacher from South Carolina, United States.
  She found Whole Brain Teaching through teaching blogs and is
  getting ready to go full WBT in her class next year!

Middle School Math
- This math teacher based out of Oklahoma, United States has recently
  started learning more about Whole Brain Teaching and I can't wait to
  see more posts from them!

Mr. Fallis
- Mr. Fallis is a former All-American football player turned 4th Grade
  teacher from Ohio, United States. He takes all different types of
  teaching strategies and modifies them to best fit his classroom. He
  has all types of videos that you can access!

Mrs. Slatton's Kindergarten
- Mrs. Slatton is a Kindergarten teacher from Kentucky, United
  States. She has started her blog to connect with other teachers
  using WBT so I recommend everyone stop by!

Mrs. Smith's 1st Grade Class
- Like her blog title suggests, Mrs. Smith teaches 1st Grade in
  Tennessee, United States. She began using Whole Brain Teaching
  in her classroom this year and is moving towards being certified!

Mrs. Valdes' Whole Brain Teaching
- Jan is a 3rd Grade teacher from Nevada, United States. Although she
  has been using Whole Brain Teaching in her classrooms for almost
  four years now she is new to the blogging world. Her posts have some
  great pics of her classroom.

Musical Bits & Techie Bytes
- Anne is a music and technology teacher from South Dakota, United States.
  She has several great topics that she blogs about and is currently working
  towards obtaining her Whole Brain Teaching certification!

Musical Musings with Mrs. Lukow
- Kristin is a music teacher from the Heartland of the United States. She uses
  Whole Brain teaching in her music classroom and has great updates on what
  her classroom is up to.

My WBT Classroom
- Mrs. Voliand is a 3rd Grade teacher from Arizona, United States. She just
  finished her first year of using WBT and is looking forward to attending some
 conferences this summer to learn even more!

PAWsitively Wild for WBT
- Deanna is a 3rd Grade teacher who was introduced to Whole Brain Teaching last
  year as she prepared to move to 3rd Grade from another classroom. She has been
  introducing WBT strategies over time and is ready to go full force!

Shepherd's Shining Stars
- Mrs. Shepherd is a 4th Grade English teacher from Lousiana, United States. She
  has been using Whole Brain Teaching strategies in her classroom for a while now
  and loves the change in her classroom environment!

Southern Teacher WBT
- Miss Julie is a 3rd Grade teacher from Lousiana, United States. She has been
  using Whole Brain Teaching strategies for the past 2 years and has an
  adorable blog set up to document her adventures.

Sweet Times in First
- Sandra is a 1st Grade teacher from Arizona, United States and has a ridicously
  adorable blog! She has been using WBT in her classroom for a little over a year
  and has great posts about her strategies, complete with pictures.

The Whole Brain Blogger
- Rand is currently teaching 3rd Grade in Oregon, United States. Rand's blog
  documents the first year of Whole Brain Teaching in their 3rd Grade class. I
  can't wait to read more from this blog!

Think, Wonder & Teach
- Misty has extensive experience as a Kindergarden to Grade 4 teacher. She first
  found Whole Brain Teaching after her son was diagnosed with an issue dealing
  with his brain and is now well on her way to being Whole Brain Teaching

Whole Brain Paradise
- Bethany is a 1st Grade teacher from Arizona, United States. She describes
  herself as a "rookie Wibbeteer" but has posted some great posts as she
  learns more about WBT. She is also very active on the WBT forums.

- This is Mr. Fallis' original blog (see his current one earlier on this list). He
  has added a few different teaching styles together which lead to creating a
  new blog that wasn't just dedicated to WBT. I believe, however, that this
  original blog still has lots of good posts!

WBT in the Middle
- Mr. Wilson is a middle school teacher who has a resource classroom as
  well as a ELA classroom. He has used WBT for over a year and got the
  co-teacher in his ELA classroom hooked as well!

Whole Brain Teaching
- Staci is a 3rd Grade teacher who first learned about Whole Brain Teaching
  back in 2009! Over the years she has incorporated more and more strategies
  and is now just getting ready for her newest maternity leave.

Whole Brain Teaching with Mrs. Chavez
- Mrs. Chavez is a 2nd Grade teacher from California, United States. She
  found Whole Brain Teaching in 2010 after a tour of another school in her
  district.  She has been doing so well and has even worked on making
  some of her own classroom videos!

- April is a Kindergarten teacher in Florida, United States. She is new
  to Whole Brain Teaching but not new to the blogging world! I know
  that she is plunging into the WBT pool this summer and I can't wait to
  read updates on how she is doing.

Yearn to Learn
- Denise is currently teaching Grade 3 and is spending this summer learning more
  about Whole Brain Teaching strategies. Although she has already been using some
  strategies in her classroom she really wants to work towards using it to its full

The entire list of 50-ish Whole Brain Teaching Blogs is available on my Fav Websites page under Whole Brain Teaching Resources!!


  1. Thank you for compiling all of the WBT blogs! I have SO many blogs to check out now! I am a brand new second grader blogger and while I haven't blogged about WBT just yet, I will be soon! I started incorporating WBT into my classroom this past year and am so excited to go to the WBT Midwest Conference this summer! Thanks again for giving me new sites to stalk :)

    EduKate and Inspire

    1. Your welcome Kate! Many of the additions on the blog are new to me as well so I will be checking them out all summer. I am so jealous you will be attending one of the conferences this summer!! (they are all too far away for me to go)
      Best wishes!

  2. This is such a great list! If you could have everyone add their blogs to my linky party and the forums at WBT that would be even better. I am trying to get all of the blogs into one location so they are easy to find.

    WBT Blog Coordinator
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. Thanks Misty! I can try and get them all organized. You are more than welcome to copy and paste the full list from my Fav Websites page if you need.

  3. Thanks so much for including me in your list! It's awesome to have access to so many blogs with great resources!
    Thanks for joining my blog! I appreciate the support!

    1. Your welcome Donna! Finding new whole brain teachers is so exciting. I have been making my way through your posts and am loving your blog!
      Best wishes :)

  4. Thanks so much for including me in your list!! :-)


  5. This is great! I moved from fourth grade to third last year with a very high-need group, and Whole Brain Teaching saved my life! I'm working on adding more of the strategies in next year. Thanks for putting these resources together!

    Buzzing with Ms. B

    1. That is so good to hear! I can't wait to read your blog, I am adding it to my Google reader right now so I don't forget!!

  6. I was just about to tell you about the Whole Brain Teaching linky party at Think, Wonder, & Teach, but then I saw the comment above.

    I'm glad I found your blog!

    Sally from ElementaryMatters

    1. Glad to hear you had my back Sally! I am checking out your blog right now :)

  7. Thank you so much for adding me to your list :)

    I've been learning so much about WBT and LOVE it!


    Fun in Room 4B

    1. Thank YOU for having such a great blog Elizabeth!

      Best wishes! :)

  8. Hi Miss L! I am awarding you the Liebster Blog Award! Check my blog for more info:

  9. I have no words.. THIS IS AMAZING!! Congrats!! Nice posting for "Teaching


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