Wednesday, 24 July 2013

When Science & Music Collide

     As you might know, I am teaching two different science classes this upcoming year: Grade 7 & Grade 8. I had a really fun time planning out these two classes because my class sizes are SO small and I could easily build in A LOT of labs and various other hands-on activities. My primary focus when developing my lessons is to provide a relevant and meaningful learning experience for my students. (Obviously, this means that I will continue to modify things as the school year progress and I learn more about my students.)

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     One resource that I came across to help me meet my planning goals was Mr. Parr's YouTube Channel! This channel is absolutely amazing and I can't stop sharing it with my fellow teacher friends! Mr. Parr is a Grade 6 teacher who creates songs about science to help his students learn and study about various topics. I've built in so many of his songs into my units and wanted to give him some support by sharing his YouTube Channel through my blog! Here is what why I LOVE his videos so much:

- Topics cover:
     - Scientific Inquiry
     - Biology
     - Geology
     - Physics
     - Chemistry
     - Environmentalism
     - Geography
     - Space
     - Electricity
- Lyrics are included in the videos
- Information ranges from Introductory Concepts to Full Review
- Songs inspiration is from the "Top 40" listings so almost all students
  should recognize them
- Meets the Musical Intelligence aspect of Gardner's Theory (which I
  have a hard time meeting sometimes)
- There are Over 150 Songs 

     Here are some of my favourite songs that I've built into either my Grade 7 or Grade 8 plans:

Ecosystem Song. (2011). Uploaded to YouTube by Mr. Parr. Available online at:

Electromagnetic Spectrum Song. (2011). Uploaded to YouTube by Mr. Parr. Available online at:

Circulatory System Song. (2012). Uploaded to YouTube by Mr. Parr. Available online at:
I recommend this resource to ALL science teachers, they are awesome! 
A BIG thank you going out to Mr. Parr 
for putting in the time and effort to create and share 
these amazing resources with all of us :)


  1. Here is a good math/science link (Mr.Edmonds), not related, either), is here:

    Take a look at this guy!

    1. I actually have a few of his songs built into my planning as well! I really like his solutions/mixtures song that he sings to Don't Stop Believing :)


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