Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Resources To Start Off Your Week 69: Canada Day Edition!

     I realize that it is no longer the start of the week nor Canada Day... but I was distracted with the post-wedding craziness and didn't quite get back to blogging as fast as I had originally planned. For all of my fellow Canucks out there, Happy (belated) Canada Day! For all of my followers from outside of Canada, hopefully you find these resources interesting, helpful, and fun :) As always, I will be adding these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading at the top of the page.

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Some Canadian pride! (I'm front row, on the right)

     First of all, here are some of my favourite videos about Canada (educational, entertaining, and otherwise):

Canadian Please. (2009). Uploaded to YouTube by gunnarolla. Available online at:

8th Fire Wab Kinew 500 Years in 2 Minutes. (2012). Uploaded to YouTube by Wab Kinew. Available online at:

  Making Confederation. (Accessed 2013). Uploaded to Vimeo by Sir John A Day. Available online at:

Classified - Oh... Canada. (2011). Uploaded to YouTube by ClassifiedVEVO. Available online at:

Canadian Dance Moves. (2012). Uploaded to YouTube by van 46. Available online at:

"I Believe" (English) CTV Montage 2010 Olympic Winter Games. (2010). Uploaded to YouTube by Watslee. Available online at:

     Here are some sites to learn about various aspects of Canada, some are resources that I've posted before throughout the last two years and some are new, enjoy!

Larry Ferlazzo's "The Best Sites To Learn About Canada"
- I've posted Larry's resources multiple times on the site, here is a page he's
  curated with some great resources to learn all about Canada!

Path of the Elders
- An amazing website about First Nations culture and heritage as 
  described by the Mushkegowuk Cree and Anishinaabe Ojibway Elders.
- Teachers can access primary source videos, letters, photos and audio clips, as well
  as detailed lesson plans.
- Very user friendly and great for students!!
- Bonus points for being so close to home (Ontario-based)

Sir John A Day
- A website celebrating the first Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A MacDonald.
- Teachers can access historical timelines, video lectures and teacher/student
  resource packages.
- Great website to use with your students.
* The video I included earlier in this post about confederation came from this site!

Canada's First Peoples
- An interactive website about Canadian history.
- Teachers can use this to obtain sources for your classroom or use it with your
- Yay for Canadian material!

- This website provides a detailed archive of Manitoba-based archives
  including photos, videos, newspapers, letters, public documents, etc.
- Teachers can use this website to gather primary sources for their
  lessons plans and students can use this website to research reliable
  material for projects.
- Yay for local information!

National Geographic Kids: Countries
- This website provides information on different countries around the world.
   Students can explore information about geography, nature, history, culture
   and more! It provides textual information and multiple pictures as well. 
- It does not have EVERY country, but still provides valuable information.

Canada 1812 - Forged in Fire
- This website features film clips, informational articles, images, and an
   incredibly detailed (over 100 pages) graphic novel all about the War
   of 1812 and the inspiring people who took part in it.
- This website really pays attention to detail and I used to multiple times
   when I covered the War of 1812 with my Grade 11 students. We
   even used the graphic novel as inspiration to create our own to use to
   teach the younger grades about what we learned!

Happy Monday... Tuesday... Wednesday everyone and Happy Canada Day!

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