Monday, 22 July 2013

Resources To Start Off Your Week 71

     This morning I was cleaning up all of the random things I had saved on my computer and found a list of resources I had saved from who-knows-when. While these resources aren't themed by subject or grade level I wanted to share them with you! As always, I will add these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading.

1 ) 10 Virtual Field Trips for Students
- This list features 10 options of virtual field trips to share with your
  students. These are great options for making learning come to life and
  expand the classroom beyond its walls (kind of). Virtual field trips are
  a great option if you do not have resources close by, do not have time
  to travel, or if you don't have a field trip budget!
- A big thanks to Med over at Educational Technology & Mobile
  Learning for putting this list together!

virtual field trips, online field trips, virtual field trips for students

2 ) Who Am I?
- This virtual exhibit from The Science Museum allows users to explore
  the subjects of genetics, cells, the brain, and the body in general.
  Students can explore the plethora of information available in the
  exhibit's gallery or click the "Find Out More" link to learn even more.
- A really neat tool I plan on using is the interactive game, Thingdom,
  which explores genetics and how traits are passed down. This is a
  really good opportunity for students to apply their knowledge of
  Punnet Squares.

thingdom, teaching genetics, genetics resources

3 ) Harvest History: The Farmers Museum
- The Harvest of History is an interactive learning opportunity that takes
  students back in time to learn about the history of agriculture. While it
  is centered on the state of New York, it has a lot of important themes
  that I think would carry forward to many agricultural areas.
- Students can explore a colonial village to learn about the importance
  of agricultural development. There is also a teacher resource center
  featuring curriculum connections, lesson plans, resources, and extension

history of agriculture, teaching agriculture, agriculture for students, farming for students, farming resources

4 ) The Human Calendar
- This is a really neat interactive calendar that features images of people
  holding up the date on pieces of paper. I really like the unique aspect of
  this app and could be a neat addition to a classroom website or blog.
- This idea could also be the inspiration to do a similar project with your
  students! It could be digital or printed off and laminated if you are an
  early years teacher who does calendar time in the morning.

the human calendar, calendar apps

5 ) Canadian Education Association: Video & Podcasts
- The video and podcasts page of the Canadian Education Association
   features hundreds of media files that can utilized by teachers and
  students. There are many files that would be appropriate for teachers for
  PD opportunities as well as files for student learning.
- The videos are Canadian focused and files are available in English or
Canadian videos and podcasts, educational podcasts, podcasts for educators, videos for educators, canadian education association, cea

Happy Monday everyone!

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