Thursday, 6 June 2013

Twitter-Tried-It Challenge!

A while back, I was browsing through Twitter and I came across this tweet by David Moroz:

Twitter-Tried-It Challenge

Simple and straightforward... right? Then I did a quick check through my Twitter feed and reviewed some of the many, MANY, ideas I had retweeted over the past few weeks and realized just how few of those ideas I have actually implemented.

I know that you can't do everything at one time, but
I am challenging myself and my followers to pick at least ONE THING that they've retweeted on Twitter and actually implement in their lives!

twitter tried it, professional development

      It can be a recent idea or one that you've had favourited for several months, just get that idea in motion and actually start utilizing it in your life! Some ideas are:
- Lesson plan ideas
- Organizational strategies
- Classroom management ideas
- PLN connections
- Just make sure it is related to education!

1 ) If you happen to be a fellow BLOGGER, link up below and 
     share your Twitter-Tried-It attempt in a post!
2 ) If you aren't a blogger, post a TWEET with a picture and tag
     me: @MissLwbt
3 ) You can also post a COMMENT below sharing your 
     Twitter-Tried-It story :)

Lets see how many great ideas we can bring into our lives in the month of June!

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