Wednesday, 19 June 2013

ManACE Board Member

     This past weekend I was lucky enough to head into Winnipeg to spend some time with some amazing teachers, enjoy some great BBQ, and discuss some plans for educational technology in our province. What was the occasion you ask? Well I am proud to announce that I will be serving as a board member on the Manitoba Association for Computing Educators and this past Saturday was their informal Annual General Meeting where I was welcomed aboard.
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     Prior to me becoming a board member, I presented at the first ManACE TIN (Technology Information Night) in Neepawa and was also published in their journal twice. I am very excited to be joining such a great group of educators and had a great time meeting the other board members. I follow and interact with almost all of them on Twitter but had only met a few face-to-face and there were a few funny moments while we realized who everyone was, "Oh! You're @MissLwbt!" In fact, two of the board members, Leslie & Erin, inspired me to begin blogging in October of 2011 when they presented at the MTS Fab 5 Conference in Brandon and this year's president is one of my former professors from university!

     If you are new to ManACE or wanting to learn more, here is their "About ManACE" write up that is featured on their website:

ManACE is Special Area Group of the Manitoba Teachers' Society. ManACE is also a member of the International Society for Technology in Education. The primary purpose of ManACE is to promote the use of instructional technology at all levels of education. ManACE will promote the use of instructional technology by:

- encouraging potential users;
- providing leadership in professional development for exchanging ideas, 
  techniques, material, procedures, and methods for implementation;
- encouraging educational research relating to its use in education and
  reporting these findings;
- encouraging use of telecommunication;
- assisting in the development of specific curricula relating to instructional
- and assisting with the integration of instructional technology into all curricula.

Regular membership is voluntary, open to individuals who are:
- educators;
- others interested or engaged in related in school, college, university, local
  school board, provincial or national systems;
- active or associated members of the Manitoba Teachers' Society.

     I am really excited to be a board member and am looking forward to the upcoming year and working with so many great educators. I've officially added a ManACE label to my blog and will share exciting/important/interesting information as it becomes available. 

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