Friday, 21 June 2013

Twitter-Tried-It Challenge Update 2!

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The Twitter-Tried-It Challenge, that I introduced on June 6th, has been in place for a little over two weeks now and I've been trying so many awesome idea... have you?

     In my first Twitter-Tried-In Update I featured Ms Duemm who was the FIRST participant in the challenge. 
Since then, she has shared her experience on her blog as well. I definitely recommend that you head over there and check it out because it seems like a really neat project :)

     I've also had Ms Banks, an elementary school Vice-Principal from Manitoba, join up with multiple implementations! She has picked a lot of things that shes implemented into her classroom routines :) Remember, this doesn't have to be a big project, anything that inspires you from Twitter can work. 
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     While I am not in the classroom right now I am planning for the upcoming year. This includes finding a lot of online resources that I can utilize as a teacher or have available for my students to use as a class or independently. Since this challenge has started, all of the resources that I have found and shared with you have been found through Twitter! If you missed those posts, check them out:

     With only a little over a week left in June I would love to see some more participation! Look through your Twitter feed and find something that you want to utilize as a teacher and then share it with us :)

1 ) If you happen to be a fellow BLOGGER, link up below and 
     share your Twitter-Tried-It attempt in a post!
2 ) If you aren't a blogger, post a TWEET with a picture and tag
     me: @MissLwbt
3 ) You can also post a COMMENT below sharing your 
     Twitter-Tried-It story :)

This also marks post 299 and I'm 298 followers! 
I've challenged myself to have 300 followers by my 300th post, so if you like my posts please follow and help me out with my challenge :)

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