Monday, 10 June 2013

Resources To Start Off Your Week 67

     Today I was back substitute teaching in "S-School" & their student council had a big display advertising, "Only 10 Days To Study Before Exams!" It is hard to believe that the school year is almost over. While it can be easy to start going into summer mode I think that there is still time to try something new and make the last few days of school different.

     My Twitter-Tried-It Challenge is still underway and I think this is a great time to implement something new in our classrooms. Maybe it's a new activity to review before exams, a virtual field trip, a way to organize your exam questions to differentiate or even a new organizational strategy as you get ready for next year. All of these resources were found through Twitter retweets, hopefully thet can get you inspired :) As always, I will be adding these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading. 

     If you do try something new, don't forget to share it with us and link up with the Twitter-Tried-It Challenge.

1 ) 21st Century K.W.L Chart
- I love using different versions of the traditional K-W-L chart so I was
  really excited when I saw this new version used by Victoria Olson. It
  allows students to not only ask questions about what they want to know
  but also develop a plan in order to find the answers and move forward.
- This updated K.W.H.L.A.Q Chart allows students to fill in: What do I
  know? What do I want to know? How do I find out? What have I learned?
  What action will I take? What new questions do I have?

KWL chart, KWL strategy, new KWL chart, 21st century KWL

2 ) New Teacher 1st Year YouTube Channel
- This YouTube Channel is just getting started up but promises to deliver
   helpful teaching tips, explain different strategies, share inspirational videos
   and be a great resource for teachers when they start out!
- This channel is monitored by Lisa Dabbs who also organizes the #ntchat
  on Twitter so I trust that this channel will soon be full of great ideas :)

#ntchat, new teacher twitter chat, new teacher youtube channel

3 ) Cybrary Man Rubrics Page
- Jerry Blumengarten (AKA Cybrary Man) is an amazing online
  curator whose website features over 20,000 online resources for
- His dedicated Rubrics Page features links to pre-made rubrics, rubric-
  creation websites, and helpful articles about rubrics & assessment. This
  is definitely something to check out if you need to revamp your assessment
  system or find that perfect rubric to modify for a new project.

rubrics, teaching rubrics

Happy Monday everyone!

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