Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Teacher Truths at the End of Year 1

Exams are done... 
graduation is complete... 
report card packages are stuffed... 
lockers are cleaned... 
and the hallways are quiet... 

my first year as a teacher is now complete!
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     This year has seemed to go by at incredible warp-speed and I can't believe that it is actually done. The first year as a teacher is an overwhelming roller-coaster of emotions that will sometimes make you laugh uncontrollably, make you bite your tongue or even swear under your breathe, make you beam with joy, and even leave you crying in the bathroom. When it is all said and done, however, you won't want to trade it for anything and you can't wait to get back in the classroom the next day. 

     As my first year as a teacher comes to a close, here are my Top 10 Teacher Truths, in no particular order:
- Investing in truly comfy and supportive shoes will save your life; the kind you 
  can stash under your desk and pull on with any outfit

- Pack lunches that can be eaten on the go because there is always something to
   do and eating spaghetti while walking down the hallway will not work out!

- Somehow drink enough liquids to stay hydrated... BUT not enough that you need
   to go to the bathroom (there is no time for that nonsense)

- Stay those extra few minutes after school to do any photocopying/printing/etc for
   the next day because the photocopier/printer/etc WILL break when you need it most

- Acknowledge those around you who help; whether its the teacher next door
  who lends you resources, the students who cleans up supplies at the end of
  class, or the parent who brings snacks into the staff room

- On that note, appreciate your school custodians and secretary because they run the 
   ENTIRE school and can essentially determine how easy or hard your job is!

- Your students will not notice how many hours you put into your bulletin boards, if
   your labels match (or are there at all), or if your classroom is colour-coordinated;
   organization and some personal touches are essential but don't stress if your 
   classroom does not look like a Pinterest page

- Remember to take a deep breathe, self-reflect, and ask yourself, "How am I feeling"
  because it is easy to get stressed and be very short (or even rude) with students
  without noticing and you don't want this to happen!

- Don't get so caught-up with the never-ending requirements that you forget to take the
   time to truly enjoy and appreciate your student's individual personalities and quirks

- Don't sweat the small stuff! Remember why you picked this career and start
  everyday with a clean slate!

What are your teacher truths?

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