Sunday, 8 June 2014

2014-2015 Teaching Schedule

     It feels like I am in a time-warp, as I vividly remember writing this post last year when I got my teaching schedule for my VERY FIRST year as a teacher. Somehow, it has been over a year since that time... oh, where did the time go!? I am now almost finished  up my first year at "S-School" and I have gotten my teaching schedule for next year.

     I am happy to announce that I will get to remain as the Grade 8 homeroom teacher (although I will still have classes ranging from Grade 8 to Grade 10)! My classes actually remain almost exactly the same, which I am very thankful for after a very-busy first year of prep. I will have one new addition next year though; I will have Grade 8 Social Studies instead of Grade 7 Science. Social Studies is my background and true passion so I was thrilled that my principal found a way to incorporate it into my schedule... I even cried happy tears (ya... embarrassing but totally true).

     Another addition next year is that my principal has added in formal PLC (Personal Learning Community) time into our weekly schedule. This time will be somewhat structured with opportunities for visiting other classrooms to observe our colleagues, participate in Professional Development, and professional reading. I'm all for this plan and even hope to blog about it each week!

     Here is a peek at my schedule:

teaching schedule

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