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     I hope to see you all at my new blog, Teaching in a Fishbowl, and thanks for reading!

There is an endless amount of resources out there that we, as teachers, can access and utilize with our students. This is a list of websites that I have used and enjoyed, organized by subject-area. I will also continue to update this as I find more!

If you know of a good website that should be added to this list let me know in the comment section below!

free social studies resources, geography resources, history resources, geology resources, world issues resources, social studies resources for teachers
- Geography
- History
- Geology
- World Issues


science resources for teachers, physics resources, chemisty resources, biology resources
- General Science
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Nature
- Space


- Novels
- Comics
- Reading
- Writing


- Geometry
- Activating Strategies
- Online Games


free resources for teachers, resources for students

- Great for any subject!


tech resources for teachers, tech resources for students, how to use technology in the classroom, tech tools students love, online organization, tech tips for teachers, tech tips for students, create infographics
- Images
- Infographics
- Online Organization
- Tech Tips
- Tech Tools Students Love
- Troubleshooting
- SMART Boards
- Creative Commons

- Interview Tips
- Interview Questions
- The Hiring Process
- How to Get Your Dream Job

- Lesson Plans
- PLNs
- Discounts
- Best Resources for Finding Resources!
- Printables
- First Nations Resources


WBT resources, whole brain teaching, whole brain teaching blogs, blogs by whole brain teachers, whole brain teachers, what is whole brain teaching
- Blogs by WBT Teachers



  1. Wow - great organization, you are building a great resource Kirsten. New students next year will be directed to your blog! Maybe you should come in as a guest speaker :-)

    1. Thank you Mr. Nantais! I can't wait to actually use these resources in my own classroom, there are so many great things out there. I'd love to come and see next year's students, they should all blog, they will love it!

  2. Great collection of resource, thanks for sharing! Riddles are also a terrific way to learn! Here is an awesome collection of riddles, riddles for kids and hard riddles. I hope this helps you to improve your or others reasoning skills in a fun and exciting way. I really loved all the good riddles at Get Riddles.

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