Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Free #EdTech - Apps For Your Class 4

     Free #EdTech - Apps For Your Class is a sporadic posting I do every time I find a neat new app that is not only being offered FREE (for a limited time) but that is also educational and could serve a purpose in your classroom.

     While no longer free, last sessions app: Fun Slides, is still awesome and I recommend you check it out! Today I've found:

Word Lens

This multi-lingual translation app blows my mind and I have literally been walking around our school sharing it with staff and students (yes... I am that person). It allows users to:
- translate typed text in real time through your device's camera
- look up definitions of words
- hear pronunciation of words

The app itself is one download and then users can download language features inside the app itself if they are interested in French-to-English, English-to-French, Russian-to-English, etc. I downloaded all of them since they are free.... you never know!

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