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Whole Brain Teaching Wednesday! WBT Blogs

     As I was sitting on my couch this weekend I came up with the perfect idea for this Wednesday's Whole Brain Teaching Wednesday post! I spend a decent amount of time  ok A LOT of time on education and WBT blogs and as I was making my way through Google Reader I realized that I should share some of these great blogs with you!

     Volia! I have created a detailed list of the WBT blogs that I follow. This amazing group of guys and gals have provided me with invaluable support and information since I began this journey and I hope you take the time to visit each and every one of them! Not only does this group include some of the WBT presenters and Training Team members but also all (to my knowledge at least) of the WBT Interns for 2011/2012 and three of the WBT Interns for 2012/2013!! If there was ever a time where you wanted to learn about WBT, these people would be the place to start (in addition to the WBT website of course)! In addition to some amazing content, photos and videos, most of their blogs have blog rolls too that could lead you to other WBT blogs as well.

** The information I provide about each blog has been taken from Blogger profiles and blog posts so if anything is incorrect please let me know ASAP so I can correct it :)

A Whole Brain Teacher (AKA a Wibbeteer)
- Allison teaches in a 2nd Grade class in Texas, United States. Alison discovered
  WBT in 2009 and is an official WBT Intern for the 2011/2012 year!

A Whole Brain Teaching Journey with Mrs. Harding
- Mrs. Harding is a 3rd Grade teacher in Oregon, United States. She found WBT
  in the spring of 2011 and has been hooked ever since!

Aud's Whole Brainer Blog
- Aud has only blogged twice and I don't have any information for him/her but I keep
  this blog on my list anyways!

Charles Huntley's Whole Brain Teaching Classroom
- Charles is a 4th Grade teacher based out of Florida, United States. Charles has
   been using WBT since 2009 and is a leader in his school, assisting other teachers
   with WBT strategies.

Chris Rekstad & WBT
- As one of the founders of WBT, Chris has been there since the beginning! He is
  now teaching at an Elementary School in California as well as still actively
  presenting WBT seminars.

EduKate with Whole Brain
- Kate is a 3rd Grade teacher in Deloware, United States. She has been using WBT
  for over 3 years and has been selected as a WBT Intern for the 2012/2013 year!

Heather Hansen 2011/2012 WBT Intern
- Heather teaches in a 3rd Grade classroom but also has experience in Kindergarten
  to Grade 6. She has used WBT since 2010 and, like her blog states, she is a WBT
  Intern for the 2011/2012 year!

Joy Button's Amazing Journey with WBT
- Joy has been selected as a WBT Intern for the 2012/2013 year! She is new to the
  blogging world and I don't have any information on her but I'm sure her blog will
  soon fill as she becomes an intern!

Joyful One
- Even if you haven't visited her blog before, you'll probably recognize Deb Weigel
  from many of the WBT videos on the WBT website or on their YouTube channel.
- Deb teaches in Yuma, Arizona and is a great resource when it comes to learning
  about WBT; she even presents WBT seminars!
Kelli's Whole Brain Classroom Experience
- Kelli teaches Kindergarten and although she was working towards being a WBT
  intern, her most recent blog post shared that her school was against blogging about
  the classroom. I am keeping her on the list anyways because the few posts she has
  shares some good information.

Laura's WBT Journey
- Laura has taught everything from K-12 in her 18 years as teacher and has been
  using WBT since early 2010. She is a leader in her school as well as a WBT
  Intern for the 2011/2012 year!

Luria Learning Blog
- Sacha Luria has been a teacher for over 10 years and has done an incredible
  amount of research and observation to discover what works well in classrooms.
  She now share this information on her blog.
- Although her blog is not devoted to WBT like the rest of this list, she often
  shares her experiences with WBT in various blog posts.

Mrs. Crooks WBT Experience
- Mrs. Crooks teaches Grade 3 & 4 in Pennsylvania, United States. She discovered
   WBT in August of 2010 and hasn't turned back since! Her WBT posts are very
   detailed and I find them really helpful when I am learning about a WBT strategy that
   I haven't tried yet.

Mrs. Norton's Whole Brain Teaching Journey
- Mrs. Norton teaches Grade 5 in California, United States. Mrs. Norton's principal
  actually introduced her to WBT (yay for administration support!) in 2009 and she
  is serving as a WBT Intern for the 2011/2012 year!

Mrs. Shipley's Fabulous Firsties
- Mrs. Shipley and her husband co-teach in a Grade 1 classroom in Texas, United
  States. They have been using WBT for over 4 years now and she has been part
  of the WBT Training Team for 1 year!

Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class
- If you have been on the WBT Forums you are probably already familiar with
  Mrs. Stoltenberg!
- She is a 2nd Grade teacher from California, United States and serves as a
  Director of WBT Certification.

My Whole Brain Blog
Carole Seubert is an Elementary teacher from Maryland, United States. She
  discovered WBT a few years ago and has been selected as a WBT Intern for
  the 2012/2013 year!

My Whole Brain Teaching Blog
- Liann is a 1st Grade teacher from British Columbia, Canada, making her the only
  other Canadian WBT blogger (besides me) that I have found so far! She has been
  using WBT since 2010 and is serving as a WBT Intern for the 2011/2012 year!

Room for Improving
- Dave is a Multi-Grade teacher in the United States and only the 2nd male blogger
  on the list! He has been using WBT for a few years and is serving as a WBT Intern
  for the 2011/2012 year!

Teaching - Another Day in Paradise with WBT
- Another male WBT blogger! Jason is a Middle School teacher from New Mexico,
  United States. He has been using WBT for a few years and uploads really helpful
   posts that describe what worked/didn't work in his classroom.

WBT with Scrapbunny
- Melissa is a Grade 1 teacher from California, United States. She has used WBT for
  over 4 years as a technology teacher and then a classroom teacher and always has
  great posts about what is new with WBT!

Whole Brain Teaching with Roxi Shayne
- Roxi was the FIRST WBT blog I began following! She is a Grade 9 teacher in
  Louisiana, United States. Roxi has been using WBT for about 2 years and has
  shared some wonderful WBT videos from her own class.

A BIG thanks to all the wonderful WBT bloggers out there that are sharing their ideas and experiences! 
I will be adding this list to the BRAND NEW Whole Brain Teaching Resources page under my Fav Websites page!


  1. Hi -

    Stop by my blog and link up to the party! I am creating a list of Wibbeteers to follow and have found some new ones not on the forum through this party.

    WBT Blog Coordinator
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. Thanks Misty!
      I'm all linked up and am adding some of the blogs from the link party to my Whole Brain Teaching Resources page under my Fav Websites page :)

  2. LOL... I saw ThinkWonderTeach's posts on WBT, and I was just coming here to tell you about her blog... but I saw she commented here already! Glad you found each other!

    1. Glad to hear you have my back Angel haha :)

  3. Your blog is a summer blessing! I am excited to dive into WBT. I am sure I am going to have oodles of questions for you!

    I would LOVE for you to visit me when you can! =)

    Heather's Heart

    1. Thanks Heather! We are both so blessed to have all these AMAZING whole brain teaching teachers who are willing to blog and share their ideas with us :) I have no doubt that you will be learning LOTS this summer and I will be happy to help you anytime I can!

      I have checked out your blog and its now part of my Google Reader feed so I can't wait to follow along with your progress.

  4. Thanks for this fabulous list. I am jumping into WBT and trying to read/watch everything I can get my hands on this summer!


    Fun in Room 4B

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! You will love WBT so much! There is so much information out there thanks to the amazing WBT website, their forum and other teaching blogs. I know you will have so much support but if you ever need anything let me know!
      Best wishes :)

  5. Thanks for putting together this neat list with summaries!

    Mrs. Smith's First Grade Class

    1. The pleasure is all mine Melissa, and thank you for checking out the blog! With every comment I am making a list of new blogs to check out and yours is on my list! :)

    2. This is great! Thank you so much for putting this together. I want to check out everyone's blog and will start right now!

  6. This list is great, thanks! !

    1. No problem Janice! Glad to hear you like it :)


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