Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 18: May Long Weekend Edition

Happy May Long Weekend! 
Here is a longer version of Resources to Start Off Your Week to celebrate. Like always, I will be adding all of these to my lists on the Fav Websites page.

1 ) Teachers Printables
- Need organization? Then this website is your answer.
- This website offers free printables of everything a teacher needs to stay
   organized including lesson plan templates, parent-teacher communication
   logs, grading book templates and so much more.
- This could be your one-stop show if you are getting organized for next
  year or need to refresh your current setup.
- http://www.teachersprintables.net/

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2 ) Science Fix
- Operated my a middle school science teacher, Science Fix, is a great
   resource for finding materials for your science lessons. Not only does
   it include actual lesson plans that you can modify but it also provides
   video demonstrations as well as webquests.
- Users can search through the blog posts for resources or use the search
   feature at the top of the page.
- http://www.sciencefix.com/

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3 ) Mini Page Archive
- Mini Page was a 4-page children's newspaper insert that ran in the United
   States for almost 40 years and is now archived digitally!
- Each edition covers a different educational topic presented through text,
  images, word puzzles, games and recipes. 
- This could be the perfect thing to have available if students are done their
   work early, could be used to introduce a topic, or could be used as a
   starting point for research projects.
- http://www.lib.unc.edu/dc/minipage/

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4 ) Science Friday
- Science Friday is a weekly talk radio show that has now been adopted
  as a great website database as well!
- An easy to access topics list on the left hand side allows users to search
  by topics such as the earth, space, the body, math, chemistry and much more!
- In addition to having some great audio and video clips to use in the classroom
   they also have a comprehensive "For Teachers" sections that lists detailed
   lesson plans.
- http://www.sciencefriday.com/

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5 ) Tech-Ease
- With all of the technology we use in the classroom we also need something
   to help troubleshoot when we run into difficulties.
- Tech-Ease in a great online tech support website specifically designed for
   educators. The main page first allows users to pick their system: Mac, Windows
   or Accessibility Uses. After that this user-friendly website has options to search
   through any types of problems you may run into!
- http://etc.usf.edu/techease/

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6 ) Smart History: Khan Academy
- This website is a video website meant to add to many art history textbooks
   that are being used today. Users can pick a time period on the left hand side
   menu and scroll through short videos about prominent pieces of art from that
- Not only can it be used for art, but we know that art is a reflection of what was
   happening during the time so it can be great for showing different interpretations
   of major events.
- Maybe it is just the History major in me but I love this website!
- http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/videos.html

Smart History by Khan Academy

7 ) I Witness: Holocaust Video Archives
- I Witness is the perfect resource to bring history to life!
- This website is an archive of 1,000+ one-on-one interviews with
   Holocaust survivors and other witnesses.
- This website is specifically designed for educators, allowing users to
   not only watch videos but edit their own video projects, browse the
   encyclopedia and create secure accounts for students.
- http://iwitness.usc.edu/SFI/Default.aspx

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8 ) Nature Works Everywhere
- Organized by the Nature Conservancy, this website is an amazingly
   user-friendly website that houses an assortment of nature-based
   lesson plans covering everything from water and clean air to protection
   and food.
- There are videos to add to lesson plans as well as information on the
   scientists behind the website. Their biography videos are perfect for
   students who want to learn more about careers in science!
- http://www.natureworkseverywhere.org/
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Happy Monday Tuesday everyone!

Like these resources? Check our last week's post on "The Best Resources for Finding Resources".

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