Monday, 28 May 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 19

     Whether you are just entering your last month of classes or are getting ready for your next year of classes, here are some great new Resources to Start Off Your Week! As always, I will be adding these to my Fav Websites page.

1 ) Pinta
- This website is a FREE photo-imaging software that almost resembles
- Pinta is really easy to use and offers special effects and unlimited layers!
  It can be a great resource to share with your students who don't have
  programs like PhotoShop at home.
- I had some difficulty downloading it the first time but on the second try it
  worked perfectly.

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2 ) Mind Maple
- This website allows users to create simple and attractive mind maps.
- Mind maps can be made by teachers, by students or collaboratively.
   They can introduce ideas/units/themes to students, can be made as a
   means of taking notes for visual learners and/or can be used as a
   review tool.

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3 ) Google for Educators: LiveBinders
- This website is the be all end all of Google! Everything an educator
   would ever want or need to know about Google is summarized in
   this LiveBinder!
- From the basics of search engines and Google Docs to hidden tricks
   and tips for students this has it all. Users can even chose from basic,
   intermediate or advanced lessons.

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 - This website can be described as a "Google map" of the Roman
    Empire, it is so neat! Users can pick locations in the Roman
    Empire (at it's height)  and calculate the time and cost of various
    methods of travel that would have been used at the time.
- You can even calculate how much it would cost to travel by donkey,
   including the costs of feeding your donkey's along the way!
- ORBIS is perfect to accompany a history lesson, geography lesson,
   or math lesson. You could even use this to map out the setting of
   novels such as Spartacus.

     Check out this video on how to calculate routes using ORBIS.

5 ) Darwin, A Naturalist's Voyage Around the World
- This website is an amazing virtual tour of Darwin's voyage on the
   Beagle. The tour showcases diagrams and maps from the voyage
   itself as well as images and readings from Darwin's personal journal.
- This website is great for not only learning about Darwin himself but
   about different plants and animals as well as social issues like slavery.

Charles Darwin, best resources to learn about Darwin

Happy Monday everyone!

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