Monday, 7 May 2012

Summer Holidays & Substitute Teaching!

     Friday was not only my last day of student teaching at "C-School" but it was also my last day of university for this year! We finished up our classes and wrote our final exams at the beginning of March so now that our placements are done we do not return to school until the first week of September. Although I will miss the Grade 5s very much I am already excited about what is to come. I can not believe that I only have ONE more year of school before I can begin applying for teaching positions.

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All together it was a very busy weekend. My fiance and I packed up all of our belongings from the university and spent Saturday moving back to our home which is about two hours away from our university. Since then I have been slowly cleaning and organizing our home. There is a lot of cleaning and freshening up to do since our home remains more or less vacant for the 8 months of the year that we are at university. Hopefully it will all be organized soon enough.

Today we went into town and attempted to apply to substitute teach. Our home happens to fall right on the border between two school divisions so we are lucky to have more employment opportunities and wanted to apply at both. In April we had stopped in at "T-Division" and applied to substitute teach so our paper work would be ready to go by the time we moved home. The reason why we applied at "T-Division" first is because the division office is about an hour from our home but we do drive by it on our way home from university so it was easy to stop in on our way by. "M-Division" on the other hand is about 35 minutes on the other side of our home and because you have to apply in person and not via email we were not able to get into town until today. Despite working as a substitute teacher last spring we need to reapply which we were prepared to do. We did not realize, however, that our provincial Criminal Record Checks and Child Abuse Registry Checks needed to be brand new (ours were 6 months old but not expired). This was a little frustrating because they do not expire for some time and were current enough to student teach with and also current enough for "T-Division". Unfortunately, we need to get those completed before we can proceed with "M-Division". Until then, we can substitute teach with "T-Division" and hope all of our paperwork comes in quickly!

Good luck to all the student teachers who are finishing up their placements or just beginning theirs!

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