Thursday, 3 October 2013

My New Toy

     I am writing this post from my brand new Microsoft Surface tablet that I got from my husband for my birthday! I've really wanted a tablet for quite some time because I am always online doing something for school or for the blog but couldn't decide what brand I wanted. I have an iPhone and really like the way it functions... but I haven't had awesome experiences with the iPads we have at school. While I'm a fan of awesome apps (who isn't), I spend 95% of my online time on my blog, reading other blogs, researching for school, or on social media. It is also important to note that I've always had a PC and our school is all PC as well. Point being, if I was going to invest in a tablet, I wanted it to meet my needs (not just be a shiny toy that still required me to go to my computer).

Microsoft Surface, surface, why I love my microsoft surface

     After using my Surface for the week:
- I LOVE the snap-on keyboard and built-in screen stand
- I love the available USB port as my school has inconsistent internet
  service and I can't rely on cloud storage
- I use PowerPoint presentations in all of my classes for my visual
  learners and create my assignments on Word so it is awesome that
  the Surface comes with Microsoft Office
- I LOVE the setup and interface of the Twitter app
- I LOVE that I can save files, pictures, & music using an organization
  system that I'm familiar with

- I don't like the snap-on power cord as it seems to snap off easy
- I don't like the lack of apps... but again, this isn't what I use my
  tablet for
- I don't like that the speakers are fairly quiet

     Overall, I am so pumped to have joined the tablet world and can't thank my husband enough for such an awesome birthday present!

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  1. "Overall, I am so pumped to have joined the tablet world..." - Yeah, that's what I felt too when I got hold of my tablet. It feels like I'm already connected with the rest of the world. - Betty


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