Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Twitter... 1 Year Later

     Shortly after beginning this blog in January of 2012 I decided to join Twitter as well. Looking back at it, I can't remember if there was something specific that attracted me to Twitter but I do remember that I was pretty overwhelmed at the start. The first few days I used it I pretty much had no idea what I was doing and didn't understand how to use it effectively. Slowly I began to get used to the format and am now completely addicted! Twitter is now my go-to PLN tool and I've been able to network with some amazing educators from all over the world.

     I am now following 766 accounts that vary from other education students, educators, educational resources, education companies, and anything related to material I am using in the classroom. I would never be able to keep up with everything, however, if it wasn't for the "Lists" option. Some of the accounts I follow like the Winnipeg Free Press tweet ALL DAY LONG and completely clog up my news feed to the point where I could never find anything useful. To help, I've made specific lists that narrow down the accounts that I follow so it is easier to find information that I am interested in. For example, I can click on my "BU Education" list and easily see all the tweets from other education students without the clutter of the other accounts I follow. I also subscribe to other people's lists so that I can find other accounts that interest me. For example, I can click on the "Manitoba Educators" list by the Manitoba Teachers' Society to see tweets from other educators in Manitoba. In the image below, the first five lists are ones I have created myself and the remaining are lists that I subscribe to.
     If you are interested in learning more about Twitter and it's benefits for educators I definitely recommend checking out Twitter for Educators: A Beginners Guide which covers everything you need to know in plain English. It includes the benefits for educators, how to get set up, following people, getting people to follow you, Twitter "lingo" and various other applications that can help you get set up. Even after using Twitter for a year I've found this guide useful, especially the section on Guidelines & Best Practices.

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Image Credit: Twitter for Educators: A Beginner's Guide Cover,

Do you use Twitter?
What is your favourite thing about it?


  1. I will definitely take a closer look at that Twitter guide. I finally just got used to hashtags and twitter lists, so I'm ready for another Twitter challenge.
    Sometimes I feel as though I am following too many people, as I can't keep up with everything. I don't think I'd want to follow many more, and sometimes I need a break from it!
    On the other hand, I have had many LOL moments from reading some of the tweets, especially Tyler's. Thanks for sharing Kirsten!

    1. I checked out it briefly when John Evans first showed it to us but have gone back and revisited it a few times now. It is really helpful and I've forwarded it to a few people who were new to Twitter.
      Lists can definitely help with the feeling of following too many people! I would go crazy if it wasn't for the list option.

  2. Great post here! I have enjoyed learning with you online this past year!

    As I look back at my year and a bit on Twitter I can't believe how much I have learned from the people sharing online! I think one of my favourite quotes/ ideas surrounding Twitter is not to worry about missing anything in your stream because if it is a good link or idea it is bound to pop up again! Makes taking a break so much easier!

    1. Thanks Mary! We have definitely learned a lot together over the past year. Twitter, blogging, moocs and more!

      A fellow student mentioned something similar to that yesterday in class. "If it is a good resource/idea/post it will be circulating for a while, you won't miss it".

  3. I have been tweeting for quite some time, although it is on a more personal account. I created a new "education" account and am beginning to follow lots of educators. I didn't realize there was a list option. I have plenty of followers and the list is growing, and like you said, some people tweet all day long and clog of the news feed, I was looking for a way to help organize it, so I could reap the most benefits from it, and you have shown me! So thanks. I think I'll continue to use the Twitter Beginners guide in the future!

    1. Hi Lindsey! The list option is definitely a life saver and I'm not sure if I would be using Twitter without it. I'm glad you are finding the guide helpful. Best of luck with everything!


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