Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Introducing Peter Jory

     One of the assignments for our Internet For Educators class is to follow an edu-blogger and feature their work on our blog. I first dipped my toe into the blogosphere and started following education blogs when I started the Faculty of Ed in 2011. Since that time, my RSS feeder has hit almost 300 education blogs from around the world and I've learnt so much from the great educators out there that are willing to share their thoughts and ideas online. One of those educators is Peter Jory, who blogs at I Have An Opinion About Learning. Peter is the Director of Instruction (Tech & Innovation) in School District #48 in British Columbia. His posts cover a variety of topics including ed tech, assessment, school operations, and events that are occurring within his school district.

     I was first attracted to Peter's blog after I stumbled across his post on What Do Principals Look For When They Hire about this time last year. As a student teacher, I was immediately drawn to this post as I knew that it would only be a matter of time before I would be out applying for jobs (like I am now!). Obviously I was not only one who thought this as that post is one of his top viewed posts!

     Here are some of my favourite posts from Peter's blog:
- Some Very Loose Following/Unfollowing Guidelines for Twitter
- To iPad or Not To iPad: That is (Now) the Question
- Hoping To See You All... Later
- What Is The Right Amount of Choice?
- Towards a Grading Policy That Better Supports Student Learning

     You can also follow Peter on Twitter @PeterJory

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