Monday, 4 February 2013

Resources To Start Off Your Week 52

     This week I was inspired by some of the speakers I heard during my Internet for Educators class and #etmooc conversations. There are so many amazing resources available online but it is important to be teaching our students to "Not Steal From the Internet" and to use information appropriately. These resources can help teachers and students to use resources appropriately within the framework of schools and providing proper attribution when applicable. As always, I will be adding these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading.

1 ) Terms of Service; Didn't Read
- Are you like 99.9% of people who don't actually read the entire Terms of
  Service Agreement when you sign up for a new online tool? Be honest, not many
  people actually take the time to read through the 30+ pages that are written
  completely in legal terminology.
- Terms of Service; Didn't Read is a website developed by a group of lawyers
  who are determined to make these documents more accessible to the people who
  are agreeing to them. This can be especially important when it comes to using
  technology appropriately within your school division and teaching students about
   responsible technology use.
terms of service in plain english, understanding terms of service agreements

2 ) Open Attribute Add-On
- This browser add-on makes appropriate attribution quick and easy! By just
  clicking on the image in the browser, users can access the appropriate
  attribution and copyright information and easily copy and paste it to where
  they need it.
- This is something I would definitely make sure I could have downloaded onto
  school computers. Students need to ensure that appropriate attribution is
  applied and if there is a tool to make that easy for them, why not utilize it?

Creative Commons, attribution, how to teach attribution to students

Happy Monday everyone!

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