Monday, 3 September 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 33: Back to School Edition!

I can't believe that it is already SEPTEMBER, this summer seriously flew by! 
..... In one day I start my last year of university
..... In three months I am off on my first warm vacation ever to the Domincan Republic
..... In six months I start my last student teaching placement ever
..... In nine months I graduate with my Bachelors of Education (after degree)
..... In ten months I get married!

Yes the countdowns have officially begun and I couldn't be more excited. To celebrate I have put together a super list of resources to not only Start Off Your Week but to Start Off the School Year as well. As always I will be adding these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading at the top of the page.

1 ) Math Dictionary
- This simple to use math (and science) dictionary can be used by clicking
   on a specific letter and searching through a list of words from there. There
   are about 100 words provided and it may not be suitable to some higher
   level math concepts so you may to preview it to make sure it has the words
   you are wanting for your students.
- This could be a great resource for students to be introduced to new
   concepts, to review concepts or could be used in part of a webquest
   or other assignments.

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2 ) SciStarter
- SciStarter is a website designed to share science projects, lesson plans,
  field trip projects and collaborative project opportunities. You can search
  ideas based on specific activities (at home, at school, outside, etc) or by
  topics (biology, chemistry, food, etc). There is also an advanced search
  option as well that allows you to narrow it down my cost, age level and
  much more.
- This could be an interesting website to get inspirtation for your classroom,
  look for new and interesting ways to introduce science in your classroom
  or consider having your students explore the site and see what interests
science projects, science field trips, collaborative science projects, science
3 ) Cybrary Man's Catalogue of Educational Websites
- This is a site I should have included when I featured my Best
- Cybrary Man aka Jerry Blumengarten is a former teacher extrordinar
  from New York who has been working since 1999 on compiling
  lists of resources for educators. 
- You can search by who you are (parent, teacher, student) but you
  can also search by grade level, subject area, classroom organization
  and much more!
Cybrary Man resources, jerry blumengarten, education resources

4 ) Math Moves U
- Math Moves U is a really cool interactive online math game site that
   is designed to engage students and create fun learning opportunities.
   Designed around a middle school setting, there are three levels of difficulty:
   under Grade 6, Grade 7, and Grade 8+.
- Students can play various games that focus on math concepts, enter
   different contests, participate in live events, apply for scholarships and
   a lot more!
- Watch the intro, it does an amazing job of explaining the vision behind the
5 ) Lesson Planet
- Lesson Planet or, "The Search Engine for Teachers" features more than
   400,000 lesson plans and curriculum resources that have been reviewed and
   approved by other teachers. Their resources feature lesson plans, videos,
   images and presentations.
- This could be perfect if you are looking for a new way to present information,
   add a new element to your existing plans or if you are in a rush and need a
   lesson plan in a snap!

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6 ) My Histro
- My Histro is a fun website used to create interactive timelines that can
  include text, maps, images and videos. Once created, users can view the
  timeline and click on various events to open up the text, images and video
  that may be attached to it.
- You could create a specific timeline to share with your class to explore a
  certain event or have your students create their own as a project! This could
   even be a fun way to share your class outline.
7 ) Gauging Your Distraction: Driving Game
- This driving game simulation requires the "driver" to focus on specific lane
   changes while reading and responding to text messages that appear on a
   cell phone on the side of the screen. This is a great simulation to show how
   quickly things can happen on the road and how distracting cell phones can
- If found this really eye-opening, I could barely respond to any messages
   without driving through the barricades. It would be a good addition to a
   Driver's Ed classroom.

New York Times Driving game, nyt driving game, how distracting are cellphones while driving, driving with cellphone simulation, driving simulation, drivers ed simulation
8 ) EcoKids
- EcoKids is an environmental science website that includes teaching
  resources like lesson plans, graphic organizers, ESL/FSL resources,
  colouring sheets, classroom activities and more!
- Students can access homework help, online games, contests,
   articles and more. There is also a "Take Action" section where your
   class can begin a collaborative project to make the environment a
   better place.
- You need to register to access the teaching material (I did and I
   would recommend it) but you can access student material without
- Extra points for being Canadian!! 
Earth Day Canada, eco kids, environmental science activities for the classroom, environmental science for students, environmental science lesson plans
9 ) A+ Click Math Skill Tests
- This math website has a trove of over 2000 math problems
   designed to help students practice their math skills in one minute
   WITHOUT the use of calculators.
- One of the best features of this website is its easily searchable
   interface that features problems organized by grade level and by
   math concept.
- This could be an easy source for activating strategies if you have
   a math problem on the board at the start of every class or it could
   be an easy review tool.

10 ) World History For Us All
- Put together by San Diego University, this is a complete online World
  History course that includes readings, worksheets, and maps!
  Documents are in PDF form and can be accessed by anyone. 
- Teachers could use portions of this website or the entire thing if they
   wanted to!
free world history curriculum, free world history lesson plans, world history lesson plans, world history

Happy Monday everyone!

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