Monday, 9 July 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 25

I found some great resources this week! With summer holidays in full force, for most of us, these resources can be the perfect thing to add to your arsenal of supplies before school starts back up. 
As always, I will be adding these resources to my lists of Fav Websites.

1 ) Technology Tailgate
- This network of blogs features daily posts on the best tech applications
   for the classroom. With posts written by 15 teachers, you can always
   find the best tech information for the classroom!
* Definitely a must-add to my list of Best Resources for Finding Resources!
tech resources for teachers

2 ) Museum Box
- This website allows users to create museum-style "displays" that easily
   organizes information about their topic or idea.
- Each display consists of up to 8 cubes that can showcase a main idea with
  each individual cube including video, image, sound or text information to
  support that idea.
- This can be the perfect website to create student projects on organize
   information for students.
* This website is a bit difficult to explain, but this video does a good job
   of explaining it.

3 ) Doodle Buzz
- This news generator creates organized lists of news-headlines along
   doodles that you create which provides students with a fun, interactive
   way to search information.
- Users use the interface to draw out a doodle of their choice and, once
   finished, news headlines appear along their drawing which can then be
   clicked on to open up the news source.
- This could be a fun way for students to search or can be used to create
  aesthetically pleasing search pages.
news generator for students, doodle buzz in the classroom
Can you make out the WBT?

4 ) 181 Google Tricks
- Online colleges has summarized 181 neat, helpful and time-savings tricks
  from Google's plethora of services. This easy-to-read list covers everything
  from basic searches and world news to viewing 3D ship wrecks and bulk
  spell checking.

how to use google smarter, google tricks, interesting google facts

Happy Monday everyone!

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