Monday, 23 January 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week!

Who doesn't love expanding their list of educational resources?? I know that as soon as I see a list of resources online my mind immediately starts turning on how I can incorporate and use these new and exciting ideas! Each Monday I will post a list of Resources to Start Off Your Week with at least two new additions that I will add to my favourite websites page. (These may be related to Whole Brain Teaching or just general educational resources.)

1 ) Inclusion Educator Checklist
- A great checklist that allows for teachers to gauge their level of inclusion in their
- No matter where you fall on the checklist, this is a great resource to help teachers
  maintain inclusion in their classrooms.
- Provided by TeachHub

2 ) Canada's First Peoples
- An interactive website about Canadian history.
- Teachers can use this to obtain sources for your classroom or use it with your
- Yay for Canadian material!

3 ) 100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers
- A comprehensive list of educational videos on YouTube.
- Includes videos on history, science, language, arts, inspiration, classroom
  management, how-to's, technology and more!
- Provided by Classroom 2.0

4 ) EdGalexy
- A lesson plan search engine that will search verified lesson plan websites that DO
  NOT charge for their materials!
- A great resource to search new materials to add to your classroom.

5 ) Teacher Discounts List
- A comprehensive list of businesses that offer discounts for teachers and people in
  the educational field.
* Provides two links to free printables and labels before the list starts. Make sure you
  scroll down
- Provided by the Frugal Girls

Enjoy your week!

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