Monday, 30 January 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 2

Its a new week and what better way to start off our week by finding some great new online resources to use in our classrooms. Remember, I will be adding these to my Favourite Websites page so ensure you head over there to check out the full list that I've complied so far.

1 ) Classroom 2.0 LIVE
- A website used to host online professional development conversations.
- Teachers can use this website to educate themselves on new and exciting topics as
  well as connect with other people in the educational field.
- The website maintains a great archive and resource list!

2 ) Student Blogging Challenge
- A website hosting the twice yearly student blogging challenge.
- This challenge can be a great way to encourage blogging in your classroom
  and/or add structure to the blogs you already have established.
- The next challenge begins March 2012 so start getting organized!

3 )  A Principal's Reflections
- A school administrator's blog.
- A great blog to read and see how an administrator interprets different
  aspects of education.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. For a great blog with the Principal's perspective, check out Connected Principals (, started by George Couros (@gcouros).


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