Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Additions!

    The weekend has come and gone and, for the most part, I spent my time working through the Grade 6 social studies curriculum for my social studies method course. I did, however, make time to add some new things to the site!
Picture, Blog button     First, after a bit of work, I figured out how to make my very own "button" for my blog. I have a sample picture here on the left (I think it looks pretty cute!) It should appear on the right-hand column. As I network with more people, I am slowly adding other buttons to this blog as well, so I hope you check those out too because there are some pretty great education blogs out there!

    Second, I created a new page for this site that highlights some of the best websites I have found that are related to teaching. Some of them are networking sites, some of them are curriculum-based and some of them are just cool! I have yet to categorize them into specific subject-areas but I hope to add to this page quite regularly, so as the number of websites grows I will categorize them so its easier to navigate. If you know of any websites that I should check out and add to the list let me know!

    Hope you enjoy these new additions to start off the week :)


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