Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Exploring Mitosis & Meiosis

     Term Two is beginning to settle into a routine and my Grade 9s are hard at work on their unit on Reproduction. The first things we discuss are both Mitosis & Meiosis. With mitosis being the process in which cells divide into equal clones of themselves to produce body cells and meiosis being the process in which cells divide into haploid cells to produce sex cells (sperm and eggs).
     In addition to textual notes on both of these topics, I really wanted to incorporate activities for my students who may learn best through music and hands-on activities. Absent the resources to build in labs activities with microscopes, I decided to create hands-on activities that allowed my students to familiarize themselves with the stages of Mitosis & Meiosis in regards to name, appearance, and function.

    Here are some of the activities we did!
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Stages of Mitosis out of modeling clay.
We plan to paint main features once the clay dries!
meiosis lesson plans, stages of meiosis grade 9, activities to learn about the stages of meiosis, biology lesson ideas, meiosis out of cookies
Stages of Meiosis out of sugar cookies& modeling clay!
Students baked and decorated the cookies all in class.
A BIG thanks to our home-ec teacher for lending us her room :)


  1. What a great idea! Students will be sure to remember the stages of cell division if they are physically able to ingest them ;P I will definitely be stealing this if I end up teaching cell division in future years.

    1. Thanks Brittani! I think the students really liked having an activity that is so different from our regular routine. I am happy to have people steal the idea!

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