Monday, 17 February 2014

2 Year Blogiversary Celebration Winner!

In January I celebrated my 2-Year Blogiversary with another Mystery Prize Package giveaway, specifically tailored to the winner's likes and interests!

I've wanted to share the prize package for a while now and here it is!

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After emailing back and forth with this year's winner, Lori, I went shopping!
The first time I put together this prize, I incorporated a lot of smaller items for the winner's classroom but this year a larger item caught my eye and I knew I HAD to put in this year's package :)

This year's package included:
- A 48-piece decorative wall sticker set
    - Lori's classroom has a polka-dot & owl theme so when I saw 
      this I knew it would be the perfect fit for her!
- A blue decorative sandal tape dispenser
     - Lori's favourite colour is blue and there is nothing like a
       summer-time reminder (especially with all this snow lately)
- A $25 gift card to Starbucks
     - Self-explanatory, what teacher does not need coffee!?

Congrats again to Lori; I am happy to have a new friend in Ohio!
Thank you again to everyone who entered and supported me through my 2 Year Blogiversary celebration.

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  1. You are such a generous person. Glad to see you still blogging strong. I hope you are having a wonderful school year. I know Lori will LOVE her package from you! Maria


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