Monday, 18 March 2013

Resources To Start Off Your Week 57

     Today I am writing this post from school because there are almost no students here due to a bad snow storm. I only had three students in my class this morning and two of them left to meet with another teacher to complete work that they owed her before report cards come out. As such, it has been a very long lonely day at "S-School" today. The good thing, however, is that there is a lot of prep time to make sure I am more prepared once spring break is over. Some of my prep time was used to find resources for myself and my students so at least I can kill two birds with one stone for this post. As always, I will be adding these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites page.

1 ) Teacher's Guide To Blooms Taxonomy Infographic
- Bloom's taxonomy plays a vital role in education and all it takes is a
  quick Google search to find several images of the taxonomy with
  several helpful descriptions of each stage. What I like about this one,
  however, is that it provides instruction and assessment examples for
  each stage.
- It can be easy to say that the "Analyze" level involves examining key
  elements, but what does that actually look like in the classroom? This
  diagram has that!

blooms taxonomy, how to assess each level of blooms taxonomy, teacher's guide to blooms taxonomy

2 ) Green Power Science YouTube Channel
- This YouTube Channel provides a lot of helpful and engaging film
  clips about "green energy". These can be a perfect addition to classroom
  instruction and/or inspiration for lab ideas.
- This channel features over 300 videos that can easily be searched by
  playlist headings like photovoltaic cells, solar cooking, fresnel lens and
  more. If I was teaching science I would definitely incorporate these videos,
  especially as a visual depiction of how a lab should look.

3 ) 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story
-This Wiki provides a great starting point if you are interested in
  using digital storytelling with your students. It can be used as a teaching tool
  with your students or can just be a great place to find resources to utilize.
- Users of this wiki can utilize this resource to design a digital story and find
  appropriately licensed resources .

digital storytelling, teaching digital storytelling, using digital stories with students

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. You could also add this:
    The History Teachers

    and this:
    Hip Hughes History (Civics)

    Also, take a gander, tweet wise, at:

    Chris Hadfield Verified account
    Canadian Astronaut, currently living in space aboard ISS as Commander of Expedition 35.
    Orbiting Earth on ISS ·

    And also this:
    Lillie Marshall
    Joyous Teacher & Travel Blogger who has written 700+ articles, loves connecting, & runs & & …
    Boston (and the world) ·

    And also:
    Ana Cristina Pratas
    Passionate about education & using ICT to enhance learning; interested in online education, music & photography; can't live without sun, sea & open skies.
    UAE ·…

    And also:
    Randy Cassingham
    Author of Weird News feature This is True and creator of the Get Out of Hell Free card:
    Online, baby! And in 81432 ·

    Just for starters....

    1. Thank you Sweedie-the-Cat! I've actually reviewed both of those YouTube channels on my blog previously and they are now part of the archives under the "Fav Websites" heading, but I will check out these Twitter accounts :)


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