Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Internet for Ed Presentations

     In our Internet for Educators class we were required, in groups, to research and present information on a specific issue or trend affecting educational technology. All together we had five presentations on various topics and, overall, I found the presentations really interesting. I've always commented on how group presentations really allow you to see a different side of people and understand more about their personality and our class was no different. Despite all having the same assignment, we approached it differently and ended up creating PowerPoint presentations, a Glogster, a Wiki, and filming a video!

     After reflecting on each of these presentations, reviewing their available resources, and viewing reviews from other classmates, I've decided to highlight three points from each presentation:
- The fact that most surprised me
- One thing from this presentation I can use while teaching
- One question I have

- Parents and students are most interested in B.Y.O.D for e-textbooks
- Some schools have designated tech areas labelled red, yellow & green.
  Red = no use (hallways)
  Yellow = some use (in classrooms but not while someone is talking)
  Green = full use (multipurpose room, cafeteria)
- What do you do for the families that cannot afford a device for their
   child or if they have multiple children in the same school and they want
   them to share the device?

Good, Bad & Ugly
- Wikipedia was considered one of the bad resources
- As a teacher it is important to not just get caught up in the novelty of the
  of the tech tools and remember that there are issues that can arise like cyber-
  bullying, plagiarism and privacy concerns.
- What is the best way to ensure that teachers are approaching internet resources
  the same way?

How NOT To Steal From The Internet (our presentation)
- I was not able to find any good quality student examples for our "Moving
  Forward" page (they were either missing attributions for images, audio, text or
  all of the above)
- We created a page full of tools that can be used to properly attribute, I plan on
  sharing this with my students
- How do you address the fact that some teachers do not care about attribution which
  results in students getting different information in different classes.

Filtering in Schools
- Almost all of us agreed that schools should be filtering the internet to an extent
  (pornographic sites, etc)
- I think it is more important to teach students appropriate and effective internet use as
  well as appropriate search queries rather than filtering out information
- Is it appropriate, as a new teacher, to ask for multiple resources to be unblocked for
  use in your classroom?

- More students document being bullied face-to-face as opposed to online
- It is important to be addressing bullying in general as opposed to specific bullying
- In addition to educating our students and monitoring our student's behaviour is there
  anything else we can do to help prevent bullying?

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