Monday, 28 January 2013

Resources to Start Off Your Week 51

     I've officially broken the 50th edition mark and am excited to be posting my Resources To Start Off Your Week post for the 51st time! This past week has been very busy as I began #ETMOOC, tuned into EduCon2.5, and began #edcmooc. This means that I have some new followers to my blog, hooray! As always, I will be adding these resources to my ongoing lists under the Fav Websites heading.

1 ) Seriously Amazing
- This website, hosted by the Smithsonian, is an interactive and engaging way
  to explore various questions about interesting topics. For example, "Was Dr.
  Suess a wartime propagandist?" Depending on the question, the answers may
  include text, audio, video or images.
- Users can narrow their search by Art, History, Science, etc to find specific
- The colourful interface reminded me a little of Symbaloo and I can see how it
  would be engaging for students.

2 ) RSA Animate How-To
- Have you ever watched one of those RSA Animate videos and thought
  about how awesome it would be to make one of your own? I love the doodle
  style of these videos and have attempted to create my own and had some
  success using PowToon, when it was free, but now I've found a tutorial!
- If you aren't familiar with the style I've put a popular one below.
- Paul Bogush has actually created RSA Animate videos with his students (how
  awesome is that!?) and has put together an incredibly thorough tutorial of how
  they did it including what tools they used, possible glitches and lots of pictures!
- I'm sure if students can do it, then so can I! If I figure it all out I would love to
  create a similar project with my students one day.
* Special thanks to the #ETMOOC network for finding this for me!

Happy Monday everyone!

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