Tuesday, 22 January 2013


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     It took some peer pressure but I have decided to take the plunge and participate in #ETMOOC, a massive open online course on Educational Technology & Media. Here is the description provided on the course webpage,

     #etmooc is a 'Connectivist' MOOC ('cMOOC) this is designed around a
     few key principles:
     - The course is developed with a weak 'centre'. While etmooc-org will provide
     a level of aggregation, detail, and dirction, the majority of interactions are likely
     to occur within groups & networks, facilitated through various online spaces &
     - Participants are strongly encouraged to develop their own reflective, learning
     spaces. We're hoping that every learner in #etmooc creates and maintains their
     own blog for continuous reflection, creativity, and resource sharing.
     - Sharing and networking participation are essential for the success of all learners
     in #etmooc. Thus, we'll be needing you to share your knowledge, to support and
     encourage others, and to participate in meaningful conversations.

     When participating in #ETMOOC activities I will tag my posts "#ETMOOC" as well as include the screenshot above to make the posts more visible to readers who may be visiting from the #ETMOOC community.

     Our first project is to share an intro of ourselves, so here it goes! I've created a SlideShare presentation based off of ones I learned how to create during a recent PD session with Darren Kuropatwa & Andy McKiel.


  1. Hi, just go on blogging and read blogs of other #etmooc-ers. comment on their blogs. Share your ideas about the thinking of other people in your blog and twitter your blog title.
    I like the way you use video to introduce yourself. Are you going to use video in your lessons? What technology do you use in whole brain education?

    1. I've only just begun exploring other #etmooc blogs today. There is so much content out there! I am looking forward to reading other people's thoughts as we make our way through this adventure.
      Thank you! I have actually only recently been introduced to creating videos so I don't have a lot of experience with them as of yet. I created a short video with my students last week using images and audio files, as the division has a policy about student's faces being shared. Here is the link if you are interested:

      I hope to use video more in my classroom in the future. I have used videos created by others but haven't really explored creating our own yet.

      If you read my philosophy on "Whole Brain Teaching" (at top of the page under the Whole Brain Teaching tab) I believe that whole brain teaching really means that I am differentiating my instruction to best meet the needs of my students. I am trying to provide different learning opportunities to engage different parts of the brain within one lesson! As such, this may mean providing audio files for auditory learners, film clips or images for visual learners, manipulatives for kineasthetic learners, etc. I don't have a specific technology that I can share with you as it varies depending on the activity and the students.
      Hope this explanation makes sense!
      Are you blogging too?


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