Monday, 20 August 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 31

     Here are two great resources that can make your classroom life a lot easier for you, your students and their parents!

1 ) BringIt Sign Up Sheets
- BringIt is an online resource that teachers can use to make Sign Up Sheets
  that can be shared with the students and parents in their classroom(s). This
  can eliminate the need for parents to come in or call you personally to sign
  up for all of those things that come up throughout the year.
- BringIt allows users to automatically remind participants, allows participants
   to add ideas independently, can be public or private depending on your
   needs and much more!

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2 ) Lifehacker Pack for Students
- Are you a fan of lifehacker? If you haven't been following them, this website has
  lists of interesting tips and tricks for making your life SO much easier. In
  celebration of the new school year beginning, lifehacker has put out the ultimate
  pack of lifehacks for students.
- Students can browse by their operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, or
  iPhone) and then browse by categories such as productivity, communication, etc.
  This could be a great resource to bookmark on your classroom computers for
  student's to reference!

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Happy Monday everyone!

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