Monday, 6 August 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 29

     I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! I spent an amazing weekend at my grandparent's cabin in Northern Manitoba about 4 hours from our house or about 9-10 hours from the Canada-US border. We are now back at home much more relaxed and ready for the last month of work before summer begins.

Justin & I in front of one of the teepees set up in the town's main park.
     Here are some of the great resources I found this past week! As always, I will be adding them to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites tab.

1 ) JPL Infographics
- Jet Propulsion Laboratory from the NASA website has put together a
  great collection of infographics on planets, parts of our solar system and
  different NASA projects like different missions and rovers.
- Users can also create their OWN infographics using different information
   and designs from the NASA website. This could be a great way to put
   together information for your students.

jet propulsion laboratory infographics, nasa infographics, create your own inforgraphics, infographics on space

2 ) Spelling City
- This is a great website for spelling and vocabulary practice. Users can search
   through spelling lists, take practice tests, play online games and activities and
   much more!
- Not only can this be a great resource for in the classroom but it
  could also work perfect for parents who are helping their students with their
  spelling at home. It could also be one of those go-to websites that students
  can access during free time.

spelling and vocabulary websites, spelling websites for kids

3 )10 TED Talks from Inspiring Teachers
- This article from the TED blog highlights 10 TED Talks from inspiring teachers
   from all around the globe.
- Definitely a list to check out if you are looking for a new perspective or some
   added inspiration this year!

TED blog, TED talks from teachers

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I love TED! Have you seen the new TEDEd? I want to figure out how to get some WBT lessons on there :)
    Great post Miss L

    Melissa from

    1. I love TED as well! I have a few favourite talks that I have watched over and over again :) I have used TEDEd sporadically but to be honest I haven't devoted a lot of time to it as I have with some other resources.
      I actually featured TEDEd during "Resources to Start Off Your Week 15" on April 30th. It would be good to have some WBT material added onto it for sure!


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