Sunday, 9 March 2014

Good Things Sunday

     This post is inspired by the stories at the collaborative blog, One Good Thing.

- On Friday we were having a work period in one of my classes
  where students were given time to work on completing projects.
  During these periods I often have music playing and one of my
  students began dancing to the song. In response I had one student
  look up from a project, chuckle, and mumble, "You are so weird".
  Without missing a beat the student replied with a huge smile on
  her face, "I'm being myself, I love this song and I love to dance...
  so I'm going to dance!"
  I was so overwhelmed by her confidence and self-assurance that
  it wasn't long before myself and several other students were dancing
  in the classroom too.

     What good things happened in your week?


  1. I love that, I love that she did not let someone's words make her feel bad or stop her from being herself - just perfect :)

    1. Isn't it awesome Angie! I still smile anytime I think of it :)


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