Friday, 16 August 2013

Using Flash Websites on iPads

     Our school has an iPad cart that teachers can book to use with their students for a variety of purposes. While our elementary wing (K-4) has a laptop cart that can be brought into the classroom, Grades 5 and up only have certain periods where they have access to the traditional computer lab. As such, the iPads are a good mobile tech option for us. During my student teaching placement I used our iPads for:
- QR scavenger hunts
- Interactive options during centers
- Research stations
- Virtual labs
- Taking photos
- Recording audio reflections, etc

     One problem that I did run into, however, is that Safari doesn't run Flash websites. Through my online curation I have found so many amazing resources for students to explore and I wasn't able to use a lot of them on the iPads!

     Well the issue has now been resolved as I've learnt how to run Flash websites on the iPad. I'm not sure if this is well known, but I didn't know about it so I thought I would share it with all of you! I present to you: Puffin Free!!
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Here is what you need to know:
- Internet browser alternative to Safari
- FREE download from the app store!
- Flash compatible!
- Can run on iPhone, iPad, and iPod (if students want to download it to their
  own devices too)

     I am so excited to have solved this problem and have already put in my request to have it downloaded onto our iPads before school begins :)


  1. I just read this in the description of Puffin in the iTunes store "comes with two weeks trial of Adobe Flash support" makes me wonder if there is an upgrade that will cost money to continue the ability to play Adobe Flash. I downloaded another browser last year on my iPad to bypass the adobe issue but it didn't really work. So I gave up. I look forward to finding out if this will work for you.

    1. Thanks for commenting Mrs M! I've had it downloaded on my phone since June and am still having success with it, I hope it works as well at school. If it turns out that you have to pay afterwards I think I would buy it because I use it all the time :)


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