Friday, 5 October 2012

World Teachers' Day!

Today is World Teachers' Day!!

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I'd like to thank all of the teachers who made such a positive impact on my life:
1 ) All of the teachers, support staff and admin at Heyes Elementary School 
- I have so many wonderful memories at Heyes School and remember each
  of my teachers fondly. The atmosphere and sense of community was amazing
  at this school and I strongly feel that when the teachers are united in their goals,
  the students benefit.
- My classmates must agree because there are 3 of us from my grade who are
  all finishing up our Bachelor of Education degrees right now! (Yes, we've
  technically been in school together for 18 years, K-present).
- A special thank you to: Mrs. Karton, Mrs. Kelbert, Mrs. Friesen, Mrs. Miles,
  and Mrs. Clelland!

2 ) Mrs. Larson at S.V.R.S.S
-  High school was a roller-coaster experience for me. I had always been a 
   very strong student and didn't feel challenged in most of classes which
   resulted in me often not attending. By not being in class I began having
   difficulty picking appropriate social circles and participating in positive
   activities. As such, my marks in pre-calculus began to suffer.
- Mrs. Larson allowed me to stay in her class every evening until after 5pm
   so we could work together on my math assignments. Her support and
   encouragement was invaluable to me in a time when I needed a strong
   role model and I will never forget the help she gave me. With her help I
   was able to change my pre-calculus marks from 40% to 80% and 
   graduate high school a year early.
- I can only hope that I am able to make an impact on my students the
  way she impacted me.

3 )  Mr. Kirkpatrick at S.V.R.S.S
- Mr. Kirkpatrick was another teacher who really assisted me through
  high school. He was the only teacher who really recognized that I 
  was bored with class material and offered enrichment activities that
  kept me engaged in class. Looking back, he is one of the only teachers
  who used differentiated instruction in the classroom and provided 
  instruction for all types of intelligence.
- His love of teaching was obvious and I  strongly feel that it is because 
  of his class that I decided to minor in Geography in university.

Do you have a teacher that has made a difference in your life?

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