Monday, 1 October 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 37

     This week is the LAST full week of classes before we head back student teaching!! I hope to post an extra long edition of Resources To Start Off Your Week next week to celebrate the long week but for now, here are three great resources I've found this week.
     As always, I will be adding these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading.

1 ) Educational Technology & Mobile Learning
- I just found this site but it could have definitely been part of my
  Best Resources for Finding Resources post! Mohamed (Med)
  strives to assist educators and their students in integrating
  technology into edcuation.
- In additional to post updates, Med offers amazingly detailed
   teacher guides, infographics and much more!
- This is definitely a site I've added onto my favourite lists :)

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2 ) LD Online
- Self-proclaimed as the "world's leading website on learning disabilities
  and ADHD", LD Online features up-to-date information on different
  learning disabilities and ADHD in an effort to assist individuals in
  achieving their full potential.
- This website features scholarly articles, images, videos, stories
  written by people living with different learning disabilities, an active
   chat forum and much more!
- This could be a great website to visit to better inform yourself of
  specific learning disabilities or it could be a site to visit with your students
  as it has a specific "for Kids" section.
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3 ) United Classrooms
- United Classrooms is a classroom wiki and facebook page all rolled
  into one! Teachers can create a page for their classroom which includes
  information like your country flag, school logo, classroom pictures, etc and
  can use this page to post homework, start discussions with students or parents,
  post important news, what ever you need!
- Students/parents also have the option of sending private messages to the
  teacher which can be helpful when it comes to answering certain types of
- The amazing thing about United Classrooms is that you can search through
   the classroom pages of anyone else who has created an account. Want to find
   another Grade 5 class in Canada? What to find a Grade 5 class in a different 
   country? Think of the collaborative projects that could be undertaken! How
   cool would it be to network with students in a specific country when studying
* The video below does a good job of explaining their vision.

Happy Monday everyone!

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