Monday, 10 March 2014

Free #EdTech - Apps For Your Class 3

     Free #EdTech - Apps For Your Class is a sporadic posting I do every time I find a neat new app that is not only being offered FREE (for a limited time) but that is also educational and could serve a purpose in your classroom.

     While no longer free, last sessions app: King of Maths: Full Game, is still awesome and I recommend you check it out! Today I've found:

Fun Slides

I think this photography app would be a easy and fun tool for students to create fast presentations! It allows users to:
- Upload pictures from their picture library or take new pictures
- Add transitions
- Input voice-overs
- Add music from their database or from your music library
- Add text
- Share through email, Facebook, or YouTube easily!

Regular $0.99, now FREE till tomorrow

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Fun Slides Screenshot. (2014). Uploaded to iTunes by Entappie. Available online at:

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